Cat & Dog Calming Supplements Bundle

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Product Description

This cat & dog calming supplements bundle is for pets with severe or extreme stress triggers. Earth Buddy calming supplements for dogs & cats combine two of our strongest CBD for dogs & cats along with our cutting-edge Sleep Support containing CBN oil. Quick Calm is a water-soluble CBD mixed in distilled water that is emulsified for faster calming effects. Comes with a pump device that allows for easy CBD dosing with precise amounts of the extract in each pump. Sleep Support Hemp Extract is the first ever product that contains CBN and CBD for dogs and cats with high stress. Save $25 off this Calming Bundle or subscribe & save an additional 10%!

  • CBN for dogs & cats combined with our full spectrum CBD supports pet’s parasympathetic state and calms everyday tensions.
  • Quick Calm is a fast acting form of water soluble CBD that peaks blood levels quicker than traditional pet CBD oils. Quick Calm begins absorbing mucosally and supports serotonin balance.


  • 1- Quick Calm 250mg
    • Rapid Delivery Emulsion Technology (water compatible) Organic Whole Plant Hemp Extract (CBD, cannabinoids & terpenes) Inactive Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Dextrin, Organic Gum Arabic, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Citric Acid
  • 1- Sleep Support Hemp Extract 300mg

Directions for Use:

  • For best results with pets suffering from constant stressors, Quick Calm can be used daily 10-20 minutes prior to triggering events. Consistency or daily use is key!CBD oil dropper graphic showing suggested cbd dosage for dogs & cats.
  • Sleep Support Hemp Extract is best used before bed time or with their last meal of the day to promote restful sleep in dogs and cats.

*For more insight on how Hemp Extracts can help pets stress levels, check out our Pet Calming Study Results.


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Quick Calm 250mg:

Sleep Support Hemp Extract 300mg-30ml:

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