Glutathione is an essential antioxidant found in the cells of animals, including dogs and cats. It plays a crucial role in the detoxification process and the elimination of harmful substances from the body.

There is evidence to suggest that supplementing with liposomal glutathione for dogs and cats can have numerous benefits. For example:

  1. Supports Liver Function: Glutathione plays a vital role in liver function and helps to detoxify harmful substances. Supplementing with liposomal glutathione may help support liver health and function in dogs and cats.
  2. Reduces Oxidative Stress: Liposomal glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce oxidative stress, which is associated with a wide range of health problems. Oxidative stress can lead to cell damage and inflammatory response problems, which can contribute to the development of health issues.
  3. Balances Immune Function: Glutathione helps to balance immune function by supporting the production of white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting skin irritations in dogs. Supplementing with liposomal glutathione may help improve the immune response in dogs and cats.
  4. Helps with Neurological Disorders: Studies suggest that liposomal glutathione supplementation may be beneficial for dogs and cats with neurological disorders such as aging, cognitive dysfunction, and degenerative brain function. Glutathione can help protect the brain and nervous system from oxidative damage and may help improve cognitive function.
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Glutathione FAQs

What is glutathione, and how does it benefit dogs and cats?

Glutathione is the “master antioxidant” found throughout our pet’s and human’s bodies. It is predominantly found in larger concentrations in the liver. It plays a role in many metabolic functions in the body, but none more important than the detoxification process in the liver of dogs and cats. By boosting glutathione levels in dogs and cats, we can help protect against hormone imbalances, fatigue in senior pets, bloat or excessive gas, heavy metals from low-quality pet food or environment, and sensitivities to chemicals or allergies.

Can glutathione be combined with cannabinoids?

Stress and poor sleep quality are one of the most common problems older dogs and cats suffer from. Common veterinary solutions range from pharmaceutical sedatives, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), and other drug interventions that are both costly and come with many negative side effects. For this reason, Earth Buddy combines a completely safe and non-toxic form of cannabinoid blend that concentrates pure trichomes derived without the use of chemical solvents. Combined with our liposomal glutathione delivery system, we use a solventless Kief that contains a precise dose of CBDa, CBG, and CBD for dogs and cats. This blend of glutathione and cannabinoids from Kief trichomes helps to support dogs and cats liver health, stress levels, and digestive sensitivity.

Is glutathione suitable for all dog and cat breeds and ages?

Our Maxx Life Glutathione supplement is suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, and breeds. If you are a pet owner looking for something to improve the overall quality of life of your cat or dog, this is one of the most comprehensive pet supplements in the world! Whether you’re looking to improve digestion, age-related illnesses, or simply keep your dog or cat at their healthiest– this is something you should be incorporating into your pet’s holistic wellness plan!

Can glutathione supplementation help improve liver function in dogs and cats?

The liver of dogs and cats plays a vital role in their health all day, everyday by working relentlessly to perform a myriad of tasks. It filters everything our pets eat and drink, breaks down aging or damaged blood cells, produces bile (an important fluid that breaks down fats so they can be absorbed), and aids in the removal of toxins. Due to the liver’s crucial role it plays in our pet’s health, we feel that glutathione supplementation is one of the best ways to improve our pet’s overall health and aging process.

How long does it take to see the effects of regular dosing of glutathione in dogs and cats?

Supporting glutathione levels in our pets is not a simple short-term process, but rather a consistent and cumulative process with daily supplementation being optimal. As pets age, their ability to remove and excrete toxic molecules becomes more difficult leading to common health issues old dogs and cats experience. For best results with our Maxx Life-Glutathione supplement, mix 1-2 capsules into food daily (before bedtime) and within 3-4 weeks your pets overall demeanor and immune function should improve.


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