Bovine Colostrum for dogs and cats has shown to balance and stabilize the gut microbiome leading to improved digestion and health. We’ve paired Bovine Colostrum with our solvent-free Whole Plant Hemp Extract to create an overall healthy inflammatory response and immunity. Colostrum for pets is not only a great supplement for the digestive system, but a palatable and nutrient dense topper for meals or snacks.

Good and bad bacteria formed in the gut plays a vital role in the health of dogs and cats. If the balance of good and bad bacteria becomes unstable it can lead to a number of health issues. Scientific literature has shown that supplementing a small amount of colostrum for dogs daily can improve stool quality and overall immune function.

A jar of Earth Buddy Gut health, bovine colostrum for dogs and cats.

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Colostrum FAQs


What are the specific components found in colostrum that make it beneficial for pets?

Immunoglobulins or IgG are antibodies contained in Colostrum that help to balance the gut microbiome in dogs and cats. Whether coming off of antibiotics or the occasional digestive upset, Immunoglobulins are essential in protecting against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungal overgrowth. Bovine colostrum for dogs and cats also contains a variety of proteins, fats, digestive enzymes, and growth factors.

When is the best time of day to give your pet their colostrum supplement?

The best time of day to use colostrum for dogs and cats from a maintenance perspective is before bed time or in the evening. If your pet is dealing with digestive issues or low quality sleep, bovine colostrum can help to settle the stomach and allow for more restful sleep.
For situational use, colostrum for dogs and cats can be used for diarrhea, gas or improving overall digestion on a daily basis.

Are there any specific health conditions or situations where colostrum supplementation can be recommended for pets?

Coming off of antibiotics for any reason is a good reason for cats and dogs to supplement colostrum. Digestive issues involving gas or diarrhea in cats and dogs can be another. For improving overall digestion and skin & coat health in dogs and cats, colostrum can be used daily.”

What are the benefits of combining cannabinoids and colostrum for pets?

Earth Buddy combines solvent-free Kief CBD and Colostrum for dogs and cats dealing with digestive issues where there is an inflammatory response in the gut. Dogs and cats have an abundance of cannabinoid receptors in the gut that aid in digestive function and help create a healthier inflammatory response. In addition, the gut health of dogs and cats is directly correlated with behavior and mood, so it is vital to keep the digestive tract in pets healthy.

Can colostrum be used for pets of all ages, including senior pets?

Earth Buddy Gut Health Colostrum supplements can be used in all ages and we actually recommend using it daily for senior pets. As cats and dogs age they have a harder time breaking down nutrients, which colostrum can aid in. Whether your transitioning to a new diet or your cat or dog is suffering from allergies, colostrum can improve gut health and allow their digestive and immune system to be less volatile.


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