CBN for dogs and cats is a completely brand new cannabinoid for pets that was first introduced by Earth Buddy in 2021. We partnered with leading veterinarians and scientists to formulate one of the most relaxing and stress-relieving pet products on the market! We formulated our Sleep Support Hemp Extract formula with high-stress pets and senior pets in mind. The full-spectrum combination of CBD and CBN for pets is sure to keep them relaxed and comfortable during thunderstorms and fireworks season. It is also a great option for senior dogs and cats that suffer from sundowner’s syndrome and lose track of time during day and night. This can often lead to dogs wandering around in the middle of the night or cats hunting and disturbing their parents sleep. Quality of sleep for our pets is an underrated health marker that can significantly help your pet’s well-being. Dogs and cats will often lay down more simply because of discomfort with joints, or worse, aches associated with systemic inflammatory responses leading to poor sleep quality. CBN for pets can help support restful sleep so they can feel revitalized and take on the day as your loyal companion in life’s endeavors!

Earth Buddy CBD tinctures that are a part of a pet calming supplements bundle.

Cat & Dog Calming Supplements Bundle

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Earth Buddy Sleep Support for dogs and cats with pink box and blue bottle. CBN extract is great dog seizures and anxiety.

Sleep Support Hemp Extract 300mg-30ml

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Are there any specific dosage guidelines for administering CBN to pets?

This depends on your pet and what purpose you are using it for. Earth Buddy always suggests starting low with about .25ml or 4-6 drops. For dosage info check out our dosage page.

Is there a recommended age or weight range for pets to start using CBN?

Earth Buddy suggests using our CBN for dogs and cats above the age of 1 year old. Every pet is different based on size, age, or weight and can metabolize differently.

Can CBN be used to promote better sleep in pets?

CBN for dogs and cats is a great option for better sleep and even long travel with pets.

What is the best way to administer CBN to pets? Are there different options available?

Our Sleep Support 300mg with CBN for dogs and cats is easiest to administer in oil form with a light snack or something yummy. Some dogs and cats will enjoy the taste and can be given the CBN direct orally.

Are there any specific quality or safety standards to look for when purchasing CBN for pets?

Always make sure the company you’re purchasing CBN for dogs and cats provides a 3rd-party lab test to ensure purity and potency. You can find Earth Buddy Lab Results here.


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