Earth Buddy organic mushroom tincture and mushroom powder for dogs and cats.

New Functional Mushrooms for Dogs & Cats!

  • New Products come in Mushroom Tincture & Mushroom Powder varieties
  • Support your Cat or Dog's Itchy Skin, Allergies, Digestive Health, and Immune Function
  • All Functional Mushroom Supplements are Sourced & Grown in the USA in a USDA Organic facility

Mushroom Tincture for Dogs & Cats
Mushroom Powder for Dogs & Cats

New CBD calming dog treats with Beef & Pumpkin and Duck & Apple flavors

Try Our New CBD Calming Chews for Dogs!

  • Limited Ingredient, Meat-First CBD Soft Chews for Dogs
  • Small Batch, Grain-Free with Regionally Sourced Ingredients
  • Great for Calming Dogs during Fireworks, Thunderstorms, Car Rides, and more
  • Sensitive Tummy Approved
  • Soft & Chewy!
earth buddy hemp farm with dog walking

From our farm to your fur baby.

Organic CBD Oil for Pets

Made with love in our kitchen.

Not sure what pet supplement or hemp product would be best for your pet? Finding the right CBD supplement for animals requires some basic details about your pet. In order to find the best cbd oil for pets, mushrooms for dogs and cats, or any of our other pet supplements simply answer a few questions and we will recommend Earth Buddy products for you to consider.

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Bags and tinctures of Earth Buddy natural pet supplements like Hemp Hearts and CBD oils.


My Labrador pulled a tendon and it hadn't recovered in a couple days so we took him into the vet who was concerned that it might be a bigger problem. Excited to get him back to normal and hoping it wasn't anything serious I put him on your pumpkin treats. He loved them and within 2 days recovered and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. I'm always recommending your product!”

- Tiffany

Earth Buddy is like a magic potion! Millie has really changed in the past week or so. She’s more relaxed and affectionate. Last night for the first time in her life she seemed to want more and more pets so I picked her up and put her on my lap in my recliner while I watched the golden globes. Before the few times I put her on my lap she resisted me picking her up and then sat rigid waiting for a chance to get off. This time she snuggled in and actually purred for quite a while and eventually fell asleep. It was really amazing. The only one upset by this was my kitty who was miffed at being replaced on my lap.”


"My babies Cleo (12) and Sadie (15) have been enjoying the benefits of Earth Buddy 500mg Hemp Extract for over a year now and the benefits are incredible! Sadie uses it for discomfort and Cleo uses it for her stress. I'm a lifelong happy customer and my girls are proof!

- Lauren A.

This product has been a difference-maker in the quality of life in my 18-year-old GSD/Boxer mix! She has regained some early morning mobility and her appetite has improved! I have never had an easier time of supplementing a pet! I think she understands the correlation in taking the oil and feeling better!!! Thank you so much!!!

- John V.

“The ingredients are quite wholesome and simple. I love the shape of them! AND THE SMELL! They smell like a sweet, apple pie! It’s safe to say that Ruger and I will be purchasing another bag when we run out!”

- Megan

What a great & compassionate company! My dog Clyde gets stressed out from thunder and fireworks & your products have helped him so much this year! I can also tell from my own experiences looking to get CBD, that your legit prices reflect the compassion you have to help dogs. Thank you! & shout out to Lewis & Bark in Littleton for having your products!

- Ben B.

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