Gut Health

Cat and Dog gut health is directly correlated with your pet’s overall health. Poor gut health can reveal itself in the form of excessive shedding, loose stool, smelly or irritated paws & skin, and mood or behavior. Ayurvedic medicine views the gut as the root of all health, so it is imperative that we offer a variety of gut health supplements for dogs and cats. Bovine Colostrum for dogs and cats is “nature’s first milk” and allows the gut to heal and digest food properly. Pets are being over-prescribed medications for bacterial overgrowth and feeding low quality foods can often lead to a damaged gut microbiome. For this reason, Earth Buddy offers two different sizes of their cat and dog gut health supplements containing colostrum from Canadian cows. Colostrum consists of  immunoglobulins (IgG) that balance bacteria, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals all to promote a healthy digestive tract. For more information on gut health supplements for dogs and cats check out our FAQ section on our Colostrum shop page

A jar of Earth Buddy Gut health, bovine colostrum for dogs and cats.

Gut Health 300mg

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earth buddy colostrum supplement for dogs and cats in blue jar with white top. colostrum is great for upset tummies.

Gut Health-Colostrum Supplement-2.5oz

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