Connect with a Veterinary Expert

Looking for a nutrition advice or pet cannabis expert that can give you a personalized consultation for your pet? Have questions about interactions with your pet's current medications? For over 15 years we have worked diligently to partner with world class veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and thought leaders in the pet industry to offer pet owners comprehensive resources to support optimal health. Here is a list of nutritional resources and veterinary experts who can help! To find the right Earth Buddy product for your pet take our product quiz

Veterinary & Pet Nutrition Resources:


Dr. Odette Suter, DVM is a world renowned vet specializing in gut health and dog and cat nutrition.

Odette Suter, DVM

Dr. Odette Suter graduated from veterinary school in Switzerland in 1994. Early on, she recognized the limitations of conventional medicine and questioned its role in true healing. Her unconventional upbringing combined with her own healing journey has led her to explore many holistic avenues to uncover and treat the underlying cause of disease of her animal patients.

As a truly holistic vet, she is passionate about education and has written the international best-selling book “What Your Vet Never Told You – Secrets to Supporting Peak Health for Your Animal.” Dr Suter, also lovingly known as “Dr. Poop Lady”, is a sought-after speaker and teacher in the field of holistic veterinary medicine.

She developed her own training and mentorship program for pet parents and professionals alike to empower them to think like a holistic vet and maximize their animals’ health.


Dr. Katie Woodley is a veterinarian specializing in healing pets naturally.

Dr. Katie Woodley, BVSc, cVMA, GDVCHM

Dr. Katie Woodley is an expert holistic veterinarian and founder of The Natural Pet Doctor who is passionate about integrating Eastern into Western medicine to help pets achieve optimal health and vibrancy through nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Our mission is to make sure pet parents know they have options to support their pets whether through illness or maintaining optimal health through an integrative approach.

Dr. Katie provides mentorship and holistic pet guidance and support to pet parents and pet professionals across the world with her online Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint program to help break down the barriers of not having access to a holistic veterinarian and provide hope and confidence again that there are ways to help your pets thrive naturally.



Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting logo. Veterinary Cannabis is a CBD resource recommended by Earth Buddy.

Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting

Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA

Founder, Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting

João Lourenço Hasckel Gewehr, DVM, VCC

Founder of Bliss Education
Medical Director - Veterinary Cannabis

Medical cannabis (hemp or marijuana) for animals is a complex issue.  We're here to help! Our goal is to provide pet parents with scientifically-based information to assess cannabis options as well as help facilitate the conversation about cannabis with your start the conversation with your family veterinarian.




Logo of Green Nile, a veterinary cannabis consulting company for pets.

Green Nile was established in 2019 with the goal of helping guide pet owners on how to utilize medical cannabis for pets in the safest and most effective way possible. As cannabis has become legal in many states, many pet owners are looking to find ways of incorporating cannabis into their pet’s medical protocols either as an adjunct to pharmaceuticals or in lieu of conventional modalities. With our years of experience, including hundreds of patients treated with cannabis, we are dedicated to providing a supportive, educational cannabis consultation that will arm pet parents with the tools they need to make an informed decision for their beloved pet.

The founder, Dr. Trina Hazzah, is a board-certified integrative oncologist with an additional certification in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. She developed an interest in cannabis medicine during her quest for finding effective integrative approaches for veterinary cancer patients. Over the past 8 years, she has treated hundreds of patients with cannabis including many with non-cancer diagnoses.  



Earth Buddy is a proud sponsor of Veterinary Cannabis Society that supports medical CBD for pets.

Earth Buddy Pet is a proud sponsor of Veterinary Cannabis Society, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocating for veterinary cannabis medicine and it's safe use for companion animals.

Our Mission is to create lasting solutions that ensure the safe use of cannabis in pets through education, advocacy, and promoting product standards. Our Vision is an educated and empowered global veterinary medical cannabis community.


Help Spot Run is ran by Dr. Marie Bartling, DVM. Dr. Marie is a pain management specialist that helps pets.

Dr. Marie's Healthy Dogs — Canine Health Strategy and Product Consulting

Dr Marie Bartling;   DVM, cVMA, CCRT, IVCA, CVPP

“I am a veterinarian with a focus on building health from the inside out. 

​When you see me, this will not be your ordinary vet visit - I specialize in restorative health plans. I do not like to have to chase disease, because of the illness you and your dog have had to deal with.....but conquer it, we will, and then we will rebuild your dog's health.”

Discomfort Relief - Regenerative treatments - Restorative/Fitness exercise - Nutrition/Supplements




Warner pet wellness provides pet nutrition consulting for pet owners.

Warner Pet Wellness

Pet Nutrition Consultations

Chris Warner RVT, CCRVN

Chris has been a registered veterinary technician for over 10 years with a variety of experience working in general practice, dermatology, and animal rehabilitation.After several years working in animal rehab he felt that there was a small piece missing from his approach to veterinary medicine and that piece was the whole body approach: supporting the body in doing what it wants to do… be healthy!! He found this missing piece through the study of animal nutrition.

His nutritional approach to health (and disease) is to develop an individualized diet and supplement plan that focuses on functional whole food ingredients. The body needs high quality, easily usable nutrients to help it combat disease and maintain health and he feels strongly that those nutrients don’t come in the form of a small brown crunchy piece of kibble.



Pet Nutrition and Diagnostic Testing Services:

Innovative Pet Lab logo, which offer advanced testing for pet healthcare.

Founded by scientists with decades of experience in diagnostic testing, Innovative Pet Lab seeds to transform pet healthcare by offering advanced tests that give pet owners a deeper understanding of their pet’s overall health.  Our four tests for dogs and two tests for cats focus on uncovering root cause GI issues before they become more serious and providing a path to optimal wellness.  



ParsleyPet logo. ParsleyPet is a pet nutrition resource suggested by Earth Buddy

ParsleyPet is on a mission to help your dog live a longer healthier life, so you do not have to say good-bye too soon. ParsleyPet provides a Nutritional Blueprint, a hair tissue, mineral analysis (HTMA) diagnostic test, analyzing 48 key nutrients and toxic heavy metals. We also provide education to pet parents that build awareness and utilizes objective data of environmental toxins and other diet-based pet health concerns.