Connect with a Veterinary Expert

Looking for a pet cannabis expert that can give you a personalized consultation for your pet? Have questions about interactions with your pet's current medications? Here is a list of resources and veterinary experts who can help, or take our product quiz!

Veterinary & Pet Professional Resources:

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Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting

Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA

Founder, Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting

Medical cannabis (hemp or marijuana) for animals is a complex issue.  We're here to help! Our goal is to provide pet parents with scientifically-based information to assess cannabis options as well as help facilitate the conversation about cannabis with your start the conversation with your family veterinarian.




Dr. Marie's Healthy Dogs — Canine Health Strategy and Product Consulting

Dr Marie Bartling;   DVM, cVMA, CCRT, IVCA, CVPP

“I am a veterinarian with a focus on building health from the inside out. 

​When you see me, this will not be your ordinary vet visit - I specialize in restorative health plans. I do not like to have to chase disease, because of the illness you and your dog have had to deal with.....but conquer it, we will, and then we will rebuild your dog's health.”

Pain Relief - Regenerative treatments - Restorative/Fitness exercise - Nutrition/Supplements



Pet Nutrition Resources:

Since 2014, Functional Nutritionist Nikki Burnett has been assisting the people in Wheat Ridge. If you would like to recover your health or get more out of life, Nikki’s personalized plans for pets & people can help you get there.




ParsleyPet is on a mission to help your dog live a longer healthier life, so you do not have to say good-bye too soon. ParsleyPet provides a Nutritional Blueprint, a hair tissue, mineral analysis (HTMA) diagnostic test, analyzing 48 key nutrients and toxic heavy metals. We also provide education to pet parents that build awareness and utilizes objective data of environmental toxins and other diet-based pet health concerns.