CBD Calming Study
For Pets


The Study

In July of 2022, during one of the most stressful times for pets, Earth Buddy partnered MoreBetter Ltd. and the Releaf App to conduct a Calming Study of pets to evaluate the effectiveness of Earth Buddy's full-spectrum CBD edibles, oils and water-soluble products. We are thrilled to reveal the results of this study, which included approximately 70 pet owners.

This study was particularly interested in seeing if dogs who have shown signs of agitation for years from things like, interacting with strangers, loud noises, separation, and vet visits would display signs of relaxation after taking these products.

The Products

1000mg dog cbd oil

*250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg

cbd treats dogs pumpkin hemp hearts

*Pumpkin, Blueberry, and Extra Strength

pet cbd 250mg quick calm

*250mg Water-Soluble Solution

Reported Benefits

Pet owners reported experiencing:


Calming, mood balancing, stress relief


Better results with consistent use


Easy to give to pets

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Reported Effectiveness

Over 91% of pet owners indicated they observed a reduction in their pet's stress while using an Earth Buddy product.

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Better Results with Consistent Use

There was a significant increase in the overall proportion of pet owners who indicated a reduction in stress from Day 6 (62.16%) to Day 25 (91.89%).

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Easy to Administer & Tasty

95% of participants agreed that Earth Buddy products were easy to give their pets. 86% found their pets enjoyed the taste of the Hemp Hearts treat.

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Pet Quality of Life

66% of participants agreed that their pet seemed to have a better overall quality of life after using Earth Buddy's products compared to when not using them.

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Product Quality

80% of participants said that Earth Buddy's products are quality. And about 60% of pet owners stated Earth Buddy products were better at managing signs of stress in their pet compared to other products they've tried.