CBDa vs CBD? They both have a ton of great benefits, but at Earth Buddy, we formulate our products with the goal of addressing specific pet health concerns. This page shows the variety of Earth Buddy CBDa products for dog and cat health. CBDa is the non-decarboxylated or non-heated form of CBD and has been shown to promote joint health for dogs, offer pet immune support, benefit senior pets, and help boost overall quality of life for dogs and cats.

CBDa for dogs and cats combined with CBD in an even amount in blue bottle with light green box. CBDa is great for older dogs and cats.

Balance Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml

$65.00 or subscribe and save 15%
CBDa tincture & Functional Mushroom capsules that are a bundle of large dog joint supplements.

Large Dog Joint Supplements Bundle

$100.00 or subscribe and save 10%
A bottle of Earth Buddy Maxx Life Glutathione for dogs and cats.

Maxx Life-Glutathione Capsules-30ct

$40.00 or subscribe and save 15%
Green box next to blue bottle of Earth Buddy Mobility Extract with CBDa for dogs. CBDa helps with arthritis in dogs.

Mobility Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml

$65.00 or subscribe and save 15%
A CBDa tincture & mushroom capsules that are Earth Buddy's small dog joint supplements bundle.

Small Breed Joint Supplement Bundle

$80.00 or subscribe and save 10%



Can CBDa be used alongside other cannabinoid strains for dogs and cats?

Absolutely! Our CBDa for dogs and cats is often combined with other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG. We believe in the entourage effect that provides a synergistic effect, meaning the whole plant extract containing all of the compounds can provide more benefits even in smaller doses.

How quickly does CBDa typically start to show effects in pets?

Depending on the pets physiology, they can typically see relief from CBDa within 30-45 minutes, but it is optimal to use daily and see results over time. This can take 2-3 weeks to see optimal benefits of CBDa.

CBDa for dogs and cats is an individualized extract and we always suggest starting with a small amount and gradually increasing on an as-needed basis. For more information on dosage, please visit our dosage page for more details.

When should pet owners choose CBDa over other cannabinoids for their pets?

CBDa for dogs and cats is best used when joint discomfort or other inflammatory issues arise. CBDa acts on receptors in the body differently than the heated or decarboxylated version, CBD, and helps with more severe discomfort in dogs and cats.

Are there any specific quality standards or certifications to look for when purchasing CBDa for pets?

CBDa for dogs and cats is the raw and unheated or decarboxylated form of hemp extract. For this reason, it should be a natural and full-spectrum hemp extract grown from organic hemp. It should always have a 3rd party lab provided to confirm purity and potency.

Can CBDa help with pet joint health?

Products with CBDa for pet joint health are optimal and can help promote a healthy inflammatory response and aid in reducing the discomfort level in dogs and cats.

Is CBDa good for aging pets?

CBDa for dogs and cats is an excellent option for when our pets age. It is less sedative than CBD and will provide a lot of the same health benefits without the sedative effect.


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