CBG for Dogs & Cats

CBG is often considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” due to it’s acidic pre-cursor CBGa. As the Hemp plants mature CBGa is converted to other predominant cannabinoids, more widely known, like CBD and THC. In our case at Earth Buddy, we grow strains that naturally produce Hemp strains that will contain small amounts of CBG that is found in our Hemp Extracts for dogs and cats. We also grow a different Hemp plant that produces high amounts of CBG extracts on our farm, which is what we use to formulate products like our Maxx Life and Cellular Support. CBG for dogs and cats has shown to provide similar benefits that CBD can produce, but without the heavy sedative effect pet owners may not desire. For that reason, we often recommend products with a higher amount of CBG for dogs and cats that are in their senior life stage. As with all of our products, we believe in using a full-spectrum hemp extract for pets in order to produce an entourage effect and maintaining as much of the bioactive compounds the plant naturally produced.

1000mg Hemp Extract for Dogs in blue glass bottle

1000mg Hemp Extract for Dogs-60ml/2oz

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Earth Buddy 500 mg Hemp Extract CBD oil for dogs in blue glass bottle

500mg Hemp Extract for Dogs-30ml/1oz

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Earth Buddy hemp extract CBG oil for pets in a glass bottle with dropper

Cellular Support Hemp Extract-500mg-30ML

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Earth Buddy 250 mg Hemp Extract for pets in a blue glass bottle.

Hemp Extract 250MG-15ML

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