Senior Pet Wellness

Senior pets age faster than we do, so it is our mission to keep them happy and healthy into their golden years. Our company was founded on using CBD for senior dogs and helping improve their quality of life. Till this day, everything we make at Earth Buddy is with our senior pets in mind. Below are our favorite products and sales bundles for senior dogs and cats.

CBDa for dogs and cats combined with CBD in an even amount in blue bottle with light green box. CBDa is great for older dogs and cats.

Balance Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml

$65.00 or subscribe and save 15%
Earth Buddy Cellular Support Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml helps your dog experience CBG effects.

Cellular Support Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml

$65.00 or subscribe and save 15%
A bottle of Focus+Immune Mushroom & Hemp Capsules-10mg-60ct Functional mushroom pills for dogs.

Focus+Immune Mushroom & Hemp Capsules – 10mg – 60ct

$80.00 or subscribe and save 15%
A bottle of 5mg hemp & functional mushroom pill supplements for dogs from Earth Buddy.

Focus+Immune Mushroom & Hemp Capsules-5mg-60ct

$50.00 or subscribe and save 15%
A jar of Earth Buddy Gut health, bovine colostrum for dogs and cats.

Gut Health 300mg

$40.00 or subscribe and save 15%
earth buddy colostrum supplement for dogs and cats in blue jar with white top. colostrum is great for upset tummies.

Gut Health-Colostrum Supplement-2.5oz

$36.00 or subscribe and save 15%
1000mg Hemp Extract for Dogs in blue glass bottle

Hemp Extract 1000mg-60ml

$105.00 or subscribe and save 15%
A container of Earth Buddy Gut Health and Focus + Immune. These products make the Immune Defense Pack for Cats & Small Breed Dogs.

Immune Defense Pack for Cats & Small Breed Dogs

$75.00 or subscribe and save 10%
Colostrum Supplement and Mushroom Capsules. Shop CBD pet products on sale at Earth Buddy.

Immune Defense Pack for Large Breed Dogs

$99.00 or subscribe and save 10%
An allergy and immune tincture from Earth Buddy made with a functional mushroom blend and elderberry

Immune Tincture – Allergy & Immune Support

$36.00 or subscribe and save 15%
An allergy & immunity supplement for dogs powder made from functional mushrooms from Earth Buddy.

Immunity – Organic Mushrooms for Dogs & Cats

$40.00 or subscribe and save 15%
CBDa tincture & Functional Mushroom capsules that are a bundle of large dog joint supplements.

Large Dog Joint Supplements Bundle

$100.00 or subscribe and save 10%
A bottle of Earth Buddy Maxx Life Glutathione for dogs and cats.

Maxx Life-Glutathione Capsules-30ct

$40.00 or subscribe and save 15%
Green box next to blue bottle of Earth Buddy Mobility Extract with CBDa for dogs. CBDa helps with arthritis in dogs.

Mobility Hemp Extract 500mg-30ml

$65.00 or subscribe and save 15%
Two bottles from Earth Buddy’s Senior Support Supplement Pack for Large Breed Dogs.

Senior Support Pack for Large Breed Dogs

$100.00 or subscribe and save 10%
Earth Buddy Maxx Life & Focus + Immune supplements in the snow with big dog paws.

Senior Support Pack for Small Breeds

$80.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Senior Pet Wellness FAQs


How do I choose the right CBD product for my senior pet?

Earth Buddy offers many different forms of CBD supplements for senior pets, so a good starting point to figure out what is best for your pet is by taking our Product Quiz. You can also search for specific senior pet supplements by typing in what solution you are looking for on the home page.

What are the benefits of Colostrum for senior pets?

Colostrum is one of the best gut microbiome balancing pet supplements you can choose for a senior pet. Colostrum helps senior pets break down food more efficiently and absorb nutrients. This is vital for senior pets, as they often start to experience digestive sensitivity as cats and dogs age.

What Earth Buddy products can help support senior pet immune systems?

Our senior pets’ immune systems weaken as they age much faster than humans, so Earth Buddy offers a variety of pet supplements to support and balance the immune system. The immune system of senior pets is often directly associated with Gut Health, so combining ingredients like functional mushrooms for dogs and cats with CBD can help modulate overall immune function.

Can CBN help improve the sleep patterns of older pets?

Older pets can sometimes suffer from “senioritis” or “sundowners syndrome” where they lose track of night and day. This can lead to loss of quality sleep patterns making them restless and stressed out. CBN for older dogs and cats is a great alternative to other common pet supplements for sleep like melatonin, because it will help with relaxation and calming without drowsiness or side effects.

Are products with antioxidants recommended for senior pets?

Antioxidants for senior pets help with detoxification of both environmental and dietary toxins in the body. Glutathione for dogs and cats combined with amino acids to detoxify and fortify the immune system is a great way to deal with pet allergies. Medicinal Mushrooms also provide a wealth of antioxidants and balance histamine responses to manage seasonal allergies in dogs and cats.


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