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treats with ingredients around it to show whats in itOur Story

Our passion is to elevate and promote pet health and well-being and the important role they play in our families. We do this by formulating authentic supplements for our furry buddies from locally sourced, earth-grown ingredients. We make all of our products in Denver, CO, where we are able to source ingredients like our organic hemp extract locally. By partnering with local farms and suppliers we will never sacrifice the quality of our products and maintain a standard of excellence that is trusted by retailers and pet parents.

The origins of our company are simple in nature and based on the intent to provide high-quality products for all cats and dogs. We are a family and friend-owned company and our founders have over 20+ years of experience in pet health and wellness. Earth Buddy creates all of its recipes with our own pets in mind. All of our products are minimally processed to preserve the true nature. Making an affordable product from the best ingredients will always be our number one goal! Products made from the heart to keep our furry family members healthy and happy!

Earth Buddy proudly supports service dogs for veterans!

Our Promise

Earth Buddy pet will always strive to use the freshest ingredients possible and never use artificial flavors or preservatives. All of our products are wheat, corn, and soy free. Earth Buddy Pet Products holds a strong belief that people and their pets have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp extracted products. We are not only making the highest quality hemp products for pets, but we are on a mission to make these hemp extracted products more familiar to the general public by providing access to research, education, and testimonials. We will strive to do all of this while supporting small businesses in every community!