Why Earth Buddy?

Started in a small bakery in Denver, from scratch, we created the most innovative & palatable natural pet supplements!

How it started

We are a small, family & friend owned company based in Longmont, Colorado. We started in a bakery in the back of a local pet shop in Denver called Cosmos. From day one we have done everything with love, passion and innovation and we continue to do so now.

Keeva’s Story

cbd for old dogs

                 Keeva,  2003-2018

Earth Buddy came to life when we saw the incredible benefits of hemp in our own pets and saw a need in countless other pets for what we were doing. Keeva, our co-founder Sean’s 13yr old Collie mix, was the first inspiration due to her variety of health issues like brain function, sore joints, and low appetite. After adopting her from a family member, Sean’s hope was to give her some quality of life before she passed. Concerned they weren’t going to have much time with Keeva, Sean and his family decided to strictly feed and supplement her with species appropriate, whole food ingredients that were traceable and of the highest quality. In addition to upgrading her diet, Sean supplemented Keeva with medicinal mushrooms and hemp extracts from a local organic hemp farm. Keeva’s quality of life immediately improved and they were able to keep her healthy and happy for another 2 wonderful years. Throughout this time Sean & Sarah worked tirelessly to provide that same experience for pet owners that shopped at Sarah’s Dog Biscuit Bakery in Denver, called Cosmos. In this pursuit, Earth Buddy was created in 2016 with a goal of providing small-batch, natural pet supplements with organic hemp plant compounds that give our best friends the quality of life they deserve as they grow older. With over 25 years of combined pet nutrition and industry experience our focus is on transparency and quality sourcing. At the heart of our company we are pet parents that want what’s best for all of our furry friends!

Treat them with love, treat them with dignity, and don’t forget some Hemp Hearts!

natural supplements for dogs

(Earth Buddy’s first ever batch of delicious Hemp Hearts! Co-founders Sarah & Sean worked tirelessly on nights and weekends.)

What We Do

  • We grow all of our Hemp on a small, organic farm in Longmont, Colorado. All of our products are made with love in our own Kitchen, Never co-manufactured. This ensures our hemp is always single-origin, never 3rd party sourced with low traceability. 
  • Our farm practices less invasive horticulture to grow a healthy and potent crop, never spraying any pesticides.We use an aquaponics system that captures glacial melt from the Rocky Mountains. The aquaponic pond contains a rich ecosystem of fish, frogs, and turtles. We also compost on the farm and add these nutrients back into our soil along with the hemp stalks that were grown the prior year.
  • We use minimally processed, whole food ingredients sourced locally and organically whenever possible and always traceable.


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Our Philosophy

At Earth Buddy, we believe in minimally processing whole food ingredients to supplement a healthy diet. Our pets thrive on whole food diets just as much as we do, so allowing Mother Nature to provide as opposed to highly refining ingredients is always the right choice for our pets.

Synthetic or highly refined versions of natural ingredients are confusing for the body to process and absorb. This is why we’re using science and innovation to preserve the full spectrum of nature and keep every element in our products as close to their natural state as we can.

Meet Us

Sarah Farley, Co-Foundernatural supplements for dogs

Beautiful Colorado has been my home for the last 48 years and 20 of them in the pet industry. For the last 35 years I have been blessed to share them with my wonderful husband, Chris. We love to camp and bring our 2 rescued 9 yr old pups with us. Like most of you, Maggie and Baby are our furry kids. Helping to keep our furry companions healthy and happy is one of the best reasons to wake up and go to work. Thank you for helping us do

Sean Zyer, Co-Foundercbd for pets

After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in 2008, I have only had one career and that is helping pets stay healthy. From working for major pet food brands to large pet supply distributors, I can confidently say I Love what I do! I have had the fortune and honor to have rescued many dogs throughout the past 10+ years and there is special place in my heart for rescues. Tito (pictured above) was my first rescue buddy, who I lost to cancer in January, followed by Keeva (story above). I now have Iggy, who is a blind and deaf pit-bull mix that is loads of fun and affection! Sarah and I are extremely passionate about keeping our pets healthy and we create all of our products with our own in mind. We hope that Earth Buddy products can give your furry kids the same quality of life and dignity that it has given ours!