Humulene Terpene for Pets

What is Humulene?

AI generated image of hops. Hops are high in humulene terpene. Learn more on this page.

Humulene terpenes, also known as alpha-caryophyllene and a Humulene, is the notable scent and flavor found in abundance in plants like hops, sage, ginseng, and cannabis. Like many terpenes, this earthy terpene has a unique aroma and bitter flavor profile. Humulene appears prominently in craft beer with its spicy notes and cannabis strains extracted for its medicinal value. The health benefits of Humulene are one of many terpenes partly responsible for what is known as the entourage effect. In addition to the hops plant, cannabis strains are particularly high humulene and will be much of our focus for your learning experience.

Humulene affects many different body systems in mammals, but we will explain its role as an essential oil and how humulene contributes to the synergistic effects of cannabis or hemp. The popularity of humulene and its health benefits is well recognized by recreational cannabis users, but it is important for pet owners to understand its value and role in the benefits of hemp extracts for pets

What Does the Humulene Terpene Do?

Not to be underestimated, Humulene has a major role as a terpene involved in the entourage effect experienced by cannabis users and pets using CBD products or hemp extracts. Humulene is one of many terpenes present in full-spectrum CBD or Hemp Extracts used in our pet supplements. It varies in potency from yearly crop and even plant, but it is consistently present and therefore should be highlighted for its beneficial effects for our pets. 

The Entourage Effect in Cannabis for Pets

Before we dive into specific mechanisms of the humulene terpene, we will do a brief overview of the entourage Small brown dog staring up waiting for Earth Buddy CBD treats with terpenes like humulene. Learn more about humulene terpene here.effect in cannabis. Plant medicines are often dismissed by traditional, western medicine philosophy, but further research into this phenomenon has proven that the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts. Many clinical studies using isolated molecules, attempting to show a specific or more profound health benefit, simply fall short when compared to the power of whole plant extracts. In the case of cannabis, the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes naturally produced in the plant activates the Endocannabinoid System, showing exponential health benefits. 

To understand the ECS (endocannabinoid system), think of an orchestra with many different instruments and roles necessary to form a beautiful symphony of sound. In the case of our pets’ ECS, this orchestra can begin to lack its harmony over time and begin to experience minor and major disruptions in functionality. One of the easiest ways to engage or bring harmony back to dogs and cats’ endocannabinoid system is by introducing a pet CBD product or other full-spectrum hemp cannabinoids. 

Endocannabinoid Deficiency in Dogs & Cats

Border Collie taking Earth Buddy Mobility with CBDa for dogs and terpenes like humulene.Since the discovery of the ECS and its role in the health of mammals, health practitioners and the holistic veterinary community have made a concerted effort to highlight new therapies for the ECS. The unfortunate reality is that our pets age much faster than humans, therefore many of the same health issues we experience, our pets also experience in expedited time. Another unfortunate fact is that the current therapies for common pet health issues are usually costly and typically involve pharmaceutical intervention with extreme side effects and little to no resolve. 

Endocannabinoid Deficiency in Dogs and Cats can occur for a variety of reasons due to the endocannabinoid systems role in many critical body functions. Phytocannabinoids (hemp-derived cannabinoids) and Terpenes, like Humulene, can contribute to the stimulation of the ECS through the synergistic effects of full spectrum hemp extracts. It is no wonder that so many pet owners look to natural remedies for their pets as they age, like Chinese Medicine or cannabis strains high in CBD. Natural pet supplements with whole plant cannabis extracts containing humulene can encourage the ECS’ natural production of both endogenous cannabinoids along with introducing phytocannabinoids to supplement the deficiency. 

Humulene Terpene Benefits for Pets

Humulene terpene present in our full spectrum hemp extracts for pets has an cannabimimetic effect. This means that hemp terpenes, often in combination with cannabinoids, can contribute to the natural production and activation of endogenous cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. Below is a list of health benefits this hoppy, earthy terpene a-Humulene can contribute to in combination with cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBDa. 

Healthy Inflammatory Response Pathways


Siberian Husky taking Earth Buddy CBDa oil for dogs that also contains humulene and other terpenes.

Inflammatory signaling pathways are not always a bad sign in our pets, as it is an ancient physiological pathwaythat helps the body deal with various insults. Our pets are exposed to many environmental stressors, chemical toxins, poor pet food quality, heavy metals, and more. Moreover, pet owners with dogs or cats experiencing the result of aforementioned insults can lead to joint discomfort, high stress levels, gut health issues, and weakened immune function. 

Much like its relative beta caryophyllene, Humulene in combination with other cannabis essential oils contributes to a normal inflammatory response signaling. It is still important to note that essential oils found in cannabis strains, like the hemp extracts Earth Buddy uses, are found in small amounts, but lead to a stronger benefit to pets. This is why humulene found in our joint supplements for dogs and cats can help support mobility or stiff joints. 

Bacterial Overgrowth Benefits of Humulene Terpene for Pets Itchy Skin

Dog itchy skin can be relieved by Earth Buddy CBD paw balm for dogs containing terpenes, like humulene.

Many dogs and cats, whether they’re in a dry or humid environment, can suffer from itchy skin and lead to an increase in microbial agents. Using topical CBD paw balm that contains humulene on pets can help provide some relief for a cat or dog with itchy skin. 

Bacterial Overgrowth Benefits of Humulene Terpene for Cat & Dog Gut Health

3 dogs anxiously trying to get some Earth Buddy Gut Health for dogs containing CBD and terpenes.

Bacterial overgrowth is not limited to cats and dogs with itchy skin, but can also be damaging to cat and dog gut health. The dog and cat digestive system needs to have a balanced amount of good and bad bacteria. This is why we’ve created pet supplements like our Gut Health for dogs and cats containing colostrum (which balances good and bad bacteria) along with our innovative dry sieve Kief CBD. Due to our Kief form of CBD being pure plant and NOT extracted, it does not damage other important cannabinoids and preserves terpenes like Humulene, beta Caryophyllene, and Nerolidol. 

Immune Support for Cats & Dogs: Humulene

As mentioned above, dogs and cats age faster and therefore suffer age-related illnesses like weakened immune function. When our pets’ immune defense system is weakened it can lead to a number of cat and dog health risks like respiratory illness, pathogens, and pet allergies. These cat and dog health risks are not simply limited to older pets and commonly occur in young dogs and cats too.

Earth Buddy offers a plethora of immune supporting cat and dog supplements containing trace amounts of Earth Buddy pet supplements containing Glutathione and Mushrooms. Both contain full spectrum hemp extracts with humulene terpene.humulene. Humulene, along with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, creates a synergistic effect in products like our Focus+Immune Mushroom & Hemp Capsules for Dogs. This product comes in two different strengths of our Kief CBD and also acts as a great cat and dog allergy supplement. 

Last, but not least, is the important role the liver plays in the immune function of our pets. Older cats and senior dog liver problems are a common health risk, but natural remedies for pets are often overlooked due to the lack of timely discovery of the issue. The liver supports our pets ability to detoxify a variety of pollutants, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals in our pet’s food. That is one of the main reasons Earth Buddy created Maxx Life Glutathione as a cat and dog liver supplement. Maxx Life Glutathione capsules are a proactive pet supplement with a blend of immune supporting ingredients like glutathione, aminos, and Kief CBD containing humulene. This cat and dog liver supplement helps to detoxify our pets in a natural way, while containing a precise blend of pure plant essential oils like humulene terpenes from cannabis strains with CBG, CBDa, and CBD. 

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