Senior Support Pack for Large Breed Dogs

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Our Senior Support is a combination of our Maxx Life and Focus+Immune products to give large breed senior dogs  overall wellness for the mind and body. This combination is ideal for large breed aging dogs dealing with “senioritis”, joint discomfort, digestive upset, and supports normal immune function.


  • For pets 50lbs and under start in the morning with 1 capsule of Focus+Immune.
  • At nighttime use 1 capsule of Maxx Life.
  • Empty stomach or light snack is optimal, but you can always open and mix into food if necessary.
  • Start with suggested dosage with option to increase either on an as-needed basis.


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Maxx Life-Glutathione Capsules-30ct:

Focus+Immune Mushroom & Hemp Capsules – 10mg – 60ct:

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