CBDa for Dogs & Cats

What is CBDa?


Molecular structure of the cannabinoid CBDa. CBDa oil is one of the best joint supplements for dogs and cats.

Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDa) is the fat molecule naturally produced in the flower or bud of hemp plant varieties. This cannabinoid is the precursor to the decarboxylated or heated Cannabidiol (CBD). When the plants begin to flower (bud) and are at full maturity the hemp plant produces large amounts of CBDa found mostly in thetrichomes of hemp flower and leaves.

One of the many benefits of CBDa is that it requires less refinement in the processing of the extract. When our plants are extracted using supercritical Co2, instead of adding a heat or decarboxylation step, that process is not required for the CBDa extract. We are left with a less refined extract that contains a full spectrum of bioavailable plant compounds.

For many years, acid or non-heat activated forms of cannabinoids have been thought to have little or no therapeutic benefits, but studies have shown that these acid forms of cannabinoids are more readily absorbed by the body and show promise several health-related issues. Notably, CBDa benefits includes its stronger binding affinity to key receptors in the body that regulate mood, appetite, and other physiological functions.

CBDa for dogs, cats, and humans has recently gained some momentum regarding things like joint discomfort and White and brown spotted jack Russel on organic hemp farm. CBDa for dogs helps with joint pain and arthritis.intestinal function due to its role as a selective Cox-2 inhibitor. NSAID’s like ibuprofen and aspirin suppress both Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes. Cox-1 is responsible for maintaining the normal lining of the stomach intestines, while Cox-2 is responsible for high inflammatory pathway effects. With long term use of NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen, this can cause severe gastrointestinal complications, often leading to a less bio-diverse gut microbiome.

Research suggests that the benefits of CBDa may have inhibitory effects on the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, which are involved in normal inflammatory pathway signals and discomfort pathways in the body. COX-1 is constitutively expressed in many tissues and is involved in maintaining normal physiological functions, whereas COX-2 is induced during discomfort and plays a role in producing prostaglandins that contribute to discomfort and normal inflammatory pathways. Studies have found that CBDa may inhibit the activity of both COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, suggesting that it may promote healthy inflammatory response signals, which could prove to be a useful therapy in joint health for dogs and cats. One study found that CBDa reduced the expression of COX-2 in weakened immune systems in humans, which may have implications for the use of CBDa in the treatment of compromised immune-related discomfort and inflammatory response signals.

How does CBDa vs CBD work?

White with brown spotted dog on Earth Buddy's organic Hemp Farm. CBDa for dogs can help with pain and inflammation. Interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS): Both CBDa vs CBD engage the body’s ECS by regulating various physiological and metabolic processes. However, CBDa engages the ECS in a slightly different way than CBD. CBDa has been shown to inhibit an enzyme called Cox-2 (cyclooxygenase-2), which plays a role in normal inflammatory pathways and digestive motility. CBDa oil for dogs and cats has also shown to help the bioavailability of it’s heated form, CBD, which make it perfect pairing when using hemp extracts for pets.

Influence on Mood or Behaviors: CBDa vs CBD, has also been shown to engage the neurotransmitter called serotonin, which is involved in regulating mood, sleep, appetite, and many other functions in the body. Like CBD, CBDa benefits may include the potential to manage stress or behavior. Again, enhancing the bioavailability of CBD along with aforementioned benefits of CBDa, shows promise as a natural remedy for cat and dog behavioral issues.

Interaction with Peripheral Systems: Research on CBDa is still in its preliminary stages, and much remains to be understood about its precise mechanisms of action. However, it is believed that CBDa’s effects are not solely attributed to its direct interaction with the ECS. It is possible that CBDa also acts through other molecular pathways in the body, which have yet to be fully elucidated. Another consideration of CBDa benefits is that there are a plethora of other minor cannabinoid acids that can provide an additional synergistic effect, much like that of the entourage effect full-spectrum CBD provides. Due to CBDa being unheated this may indicate that the additional minor cannabinoids that are not damaged or removed in the decarboxylation process can provide a whole host of additional CBDa benefits. Most notably, pet parents looking for the best joint supplements for dogs and cats should consider CBDa due to it’s successful ability to act on the same pathways that many NSAIDs work on.

Safety indications: CBDa is naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Due to this fact there is less process required when extracting CBDa. By removing an additional heating step and keeping the plant extract completely intact, this can indicate that there is less risk in using CBDa for dogs and cats. Not all hemp extracts are the same and many are processed with harsh chemicals or extreme extraction methods that can damage or alter the molecular profile. When a plant extract, like CBDa, is minimally processed and kept as close to its natural state as possible, the body will have an easier time metabolizing it. From a safety perspective, pet supplements that are minimally processed, are always a good choice and the traceability and efficacy can be more trustworthy.

More on CBDa Research

Healthy Inflammatory Response:

CBDa has shown promise is promoting healthy inflammatory pathways in rodents. A study published in 2018 showed that the benefits of CBDa can be shown when administered systemically or orally promote healthy inflammatory responses in the body. This study also showed that CBDa benefits may outperform CBD in this indication. When the two fat molecules are combined, in CBDa and CBD, the absorption was greater and benefits were shown to last longer.

Study Link

Nausea & Appetite Stimulation:

White dog sitting behind an organic hemp leaf on Earth Buddy's farm. CBDa acts on pain receptors that can help dog joint pain.

Benefits of CBDa have also shown to include nausea and appetite stimulation in animals. A 2013 study on rats and shrews showed that CBDa can help to reduce nausea and promote appetite significantly better than the heated form of CBD. This can indicate that dogs and cats with digestive upset can benefit from CBDa. Stressed dogs and cats can lead to a number of health related issues beyond their mood, including but not limited to, getting sick or nauseous from car rides.

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However, it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBDa for dogs and cats, and pet owners should always consult with their holistic veterinarian before giving their pets any new supplements or medications. Additionally, while CBDa is generally considered safe for pets, it’s always a good idea to start with a dose on the lower side and monitor your pet’s response closely to ensure they are tolerating it well. 

CBDa Benefits for Pets

CBDa has been shown to be an effective cannabinoid in treating many of the same ailments that its heat-CBDa for dogs is the raw, unheated extract from the organic hemp on Earth Buddy's farm.activated form, CBD, has displayed with higher bioavailability. CBDa has shown to be a promising natural remedy for common pet health issues. Cat and dog supplements for joints are wide ranging and often show little to no benefit in the immediate application. Most joint supplements for dogs and cats are focused on rebuilding cartilage and joint tissue, which still is a necessity, but does not provide any immediate relief of discomfort in pet joints. Earth Buddy cat and dog joint supplements pair well with common joint supplements and help with recovery from exercise or age-related joint discomfort.

Think of your pet as a professional athlete in the sense that they are descendants of animals that hunted, consistently rough-housed, and traveled far distances. This amount of physical activity, whether your dog or cat is sedentary or not, takes a toll on their joints over time. Add in the fact of lower quality diets that can lead to weight gain and their muscoloskeletal system becomes overwhelmed. As cats and dogs age, their propensity to burn calories and exercise is also slowed down significantly. With all of this taken into account it is no wonder why so many pet parents throw money away at low quality hip & joint supplements for dogs and cats.

Earth Buddy is on a mission to provide a better and more cost-effective solution to joint health for dogs and cats! Green box next to blue bottle of Earth Buddy Mobility Extract with CBDa for dogs. CBDa helps with arthritis in dogs.By incorporating CBDa oil or in its natural form of dry sieve Kief, we have created a number of quality joint supplements for dogs and cats. As always, we do not simply rely on one single molecule for joint health, in CBDa, but rather combining it with other safe and organic pet supplements like CBD or Glutathione. There are also many other quality cat and dog joint supplements out there like green-lipped mussels, bone broth containing collagen, and fish stock or fish oils. CBDa for dogs or cats is a perfect addition to any of these natural pet supplements and prove to optimize your pet’s joint health!

  • Less sedative, but still helps to calm pets
  • Joint Discomfort
  • Balances serotonin pathways in pets
  • Enhances mobility in stiff or achy joints
  • Supports digestive motility
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response
  • Supports joint function associated with normal aging process

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