Try These Supplements for a Healthy Cat Coat

December 27, 2023

Written By: Earth Buddy Team

Tan Bengal Cat on the shoulders of a woman outdoors in the rocky mountains. If your cat has a dull coat, read this blog to learn about cat supplements for a healthy coat.

A vibrant and healthy coat in cats goes beyond mere surface appearance; it’s a mirror to their internal health. Achieving that lustrous coat is the result of meticulous care, extending well beyond basic grooming practices. This includes the implementation of a high quality diet, supplementation when needed, and regular grooming.

Regular Grooming for a Healthy Cat Coat Along The Entire Body

Black kitten in the arms of owner at a pet shelter. Skin irritation or dry skin in cats are signs that you should consider a cat supplement for a healthier coat.

Regularly brushing your cat’s fur is an important aspect of maintaining their coat health. It’s an aspect that often goes overlooked, but it can make a significant difference in your cat’s overall coat and skin health. Think about it-have you seen a stray cat with an unkempt coat? If so, how’d they look? We would imagine they likely had a poor quality coat that didn’t look as healthy as it should be. You may have even noticed some bald patches and noticed the cat’s health didn’t appear to be the best.

That’s part of why it’s so important to keep your cat’s skin and coat health up to par. Here are more key benefits to brushing your cat’s fur on a regular basis:

  • Remove loose hairs and dead skin: Daily brushing helps remove loose fur that is shedding as well as dead skin cells. This not only reduces the formation of mats and tangles but also may help reduce the occurrence of future hairballs.
  • Spreads natural oils: The action of brushing evenly distributes the skin’s natural oils along the fur, helping animals achieve a soft, silky, shiny and healthy coat.
  • Boosts blood flow: The stimulation from brushing supports normal circulatory function to the skin, maintaining a healthy coat.
  • Matting and tangling: Regular brushing is crucial, especially for long-haired breeds, to promote coat health and potentially prevent the need for professional grooming.
  • Skin health monitoring: Brushing offers an opportunity to check for fleas, ticks, and wounds. The sooner these are caught, the sooner you’ll be able to take your cat to the vet.
  • Enhances your bond: Grooming sessions provide quality time for bonding, making brushing a soothing and enjoyable activity for both you and your cat.
  • Shedding: Consistent brushing can help support normal shedding to help minimize hairballs.

To ensure the best results in maintaining your cat’s coat health, aim for daily brushing or multiple weekly brushing sessions, tailored to their fur type and length. If you have time, you can brush a couple of times each day for additional bonding time. Less frequent brushing can still be helpful, but the more time you can dedicate, the better.

Ingredients For Healthy Cat Coat

To promote your cat’s skin and coat health, certain ingredients can be added to their diet. We’ll discuss a few commonly recommended options.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids for a Shiny Coat and Supported Immune System

Essential fatty acids, notably found in fish oil supplements, come from healthy fats and play a vital role in feline coat and skin health. In fact, many pet parents are known for adding fish oil to their cat’s daily meal (we’ll talk about a good alternative later).  That beind said, here are the benefits of omegas for your cat’s coat health:

  • Glossy coat: Omega fatty acids help maintain normal moisture content of skin supporting hydration levels, adding luster leading to a shiny coat.
  • Shedding & tangles: Say goodbye to fur tumbleweeds! Omega fatty acids provide nutritional support for healthy coats which could significantly lessen the amount of fur you’re finding around the house and reduce the risk of tangled, matted fur.
  • Improved skin health: Omega fatty acids are powerful allies in supporting skin health. They promote a healthy coat and skin, supporting the health of hair coat follicles. This may help with occasional or seasonal allergies, leading to a happier and more comfortable feline friend.
  • Promotes normal inflammatory response: Omega fatty acids help maintain a normal inflammatory response, promoting a healthier and more resilient coat.
  • Supports the immune system: Omega fatty acids play a crucial role in enhancing the immune response which can be particularly helpful in supporting animals with sensitive skin.

Biotin for Your Cat’s Hair Coat

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a role in the keratinization process. The keratinization process helps maintain normal moisture content of skin. In addition to supporting skin health, biotin promotes long-term ocular health and maintains healthy liver function.

Vitamin E  For Your Cat’s Fur

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in promoting your cat’s overall health, including skin and coat health. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing the negative effects of oxidative stress. It also:

  • Supports cellular health: Vitamin E helps eliminate free radicals associated with the aging process which supports normal cell function.
  • Promotes skin and coat health: Vitamin E supports the production of collagen and elastin, supporting the skin’s integrity and structure. It also assists the body in combating environmental pollutants. This adds luster and shine to coats.
  • Enhances blood flow: Vitamin E supports normal circulatory function by supporting normal blood pressure and oxygen utilization, which supports skin and coat health by supplying nutrients for a healthy coat.

Coconut Oil May Make Your Cat’s Coat Shiny

Coconut oil offers a natural way to add luster and shine to your cat’s coat. The oil is rich in fatty acids, especially lauric acid, which may soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies. In addition to these benefits, coconut oil may:

  • Help cats achieve a soft, silky, shiny and healthy coat
  • Provide essential fatty acids for a healthy coat
  • Help maintain normal moisture content of skin, which can be especially important if your cat requires frequent bathing

Proper Diet Promotes a Healthy Cat Coat

White with black spotted cat outdoors in the grass. The best cbd for cats is in oil form to help improve a dull coat.

Overall, a species-appropriate diet is important for promoting healthy skin and coat (especially for overweight cats). This means your cat’s food plays a pivotal role in their physical well-being. Here’s how: The skin, being the largest organ of the body, is in a constant state of renewal, getting rid of dead skin cells regularly. Cats, in addition to this natural skin shedding, also go through periodic phases of hair shedding, like our dogs.

This process, occurring several times a year, involves the shedding of dead hairs, making way for the growth of new, healthy fur. Poor nutrition can hinder a cat’s ability to maintain optimal skin and coat health, as adequate nutrition is key to supporting these natural processes.

For cats to sustain a healthy skin and coat cycle, a high-quality diet is essential. As obligate carnivores, their nutritional needs are specific; they require a diet rich in easily digestible proteins, fats, essential minerals, and vitamins. The caloric content of the cat’s diet is also important and should be tailored to maintain their overall health.

It’s important to note the dietary requirements of cats vary depending on their life stage. Kittens have different nutritional needs compared to adult or senior cats. Each stage of life demands specific nutrients to support growth, maintenance, and aging processes. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide a diet that is not only nutritionally complete but also appropriate for your cat’s particular age and life stage, to ensure they maintain a healthy skin and coat throughout their life.

Earth Buddy Cat Supplements That Promote Coat Health

Earth Buddy offers several cat supplements that may promote your cat’s coat health including full spectrum hemp extract, colostrum for cats, and glutathione.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Your Feline Friend

Earth Buddy 250mg Hemp Extract contains organic cbd oil for cats, which can enhance a dull coat with omega fatty acids.

Full spectrum CBD oil for cats is a beneficial supplement, providing omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, similar to those found in fish oil. These fatty acids are crucial for maintaining a healthy skin and coat in your kitty. They play a significant role in skin health and contribute to a healthy, glossy coat. CBD for cats benefits over fish oil is its stability-the essential fatty acids in hemp extract are less prone to rapid oxidation and rancidity, making it a more durable, long-lasting choice.

Earth Buddy offers full spectrum CBD for cats in three different concentrations: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, catering to the needs of different pets. The CBD oil dosage for cats varies, but in general the rule is to start low and go slow. Provide the minimal dose that is required to achieve the desired result. Adjustments can be made as needed.

Colostrum Supplement for a Healthy Cat Coat

Gut Health with Colostrum for cats from Earth Buddy is specifically designed with the cat digestive system in mind and can enhance your cat’s immune response, promoting a healthy coat and skin. Colostrum benefits may also help with your kitty’s coat health by:

Earth Buddy blue jar of Gut Health for cats contains a bovine colostrum supplement to improve cats digestive system and skin itchiness.

  • Helping support proper digestion and bowel health
  • Enhancing the physical and mental well-being of your cat
  • Support cats digestive system that improves overall coat quality
  • Balances gut microbiome, which can soothe cat itchy skin
  • Great for picky cats and mixes in food easily


Maxx-Life Glutathione for a Healthy Cat Coat

Maxx-Life Glutathione from Earth Buddy provides antioxidants to your cat’s body. Antioxidants have been shown to aid in the elimination of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. By preventing free radical damage, glutathione for cats helps remove toxins that they’re exposed to in the environment and in cat’s food. This detoxification process promotes skin and coat health in cats.

Naturally produced by the body, glutathione levels tend to decline as cats age and are exposed to toxins in food and more. Additionally, cats with underlying health conditions may also experience lower glutathione levels, regardless of their age.

Earth Buddy Maxx Life bottle contains a glutathione supplement that helps to detoxify cat liver, which soothes skin irritation.

Environmental factors can further impact glutathione production. Cats are regularly exposed to various toxins in their environment, which can decrease glutathione levels. A common example is exposure to heavy metals in cat food. When cats come into contact with these substances, it can lead to the transfer of toxins to their skin which then leads to increased levels of free radicals. Thus, supplementing with glutathione for cats can be particularly beneficial, supporting the body from exposure to heavy metal or environmental toxins and supporting their overall skin health.





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