How to Calm a Hyper or Stressed Dog Down

April 12, 2024

Written By: Earth Buddy Team

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Learning how to calm a dog down is an essential skill to have in your toolbox. While we may be tempted to reach for the medicine cabinet, it’s important to pause and consider the natural remedies that are available to help maintain calmness. Products like CBD calming treats can be beneficial along with essential oils, full-spectrum hemp extract tincture, and even free

Loud Noises Can Be Frightening

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Loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms, the presence of unknown people, or abrupt alterations in their daily routines can unsettle our dogs. Our dogs have heightened senses and prefer a sense of routine. When there are sudden changes in noise levels or significant changes to their routine or environment, they may show behaviors out of their norm.

Certain breeds of dogs, particularly those used in hunting, can become accustomed to loud noises over time. This desensitization often results from exposure to the sound of gunfire and other loud sounds associated with hunting. The typical family dog, if not introduced to loud noises in a controlled manner from puppyhood, generally finds loud, unexpected noises distressing. A sound as mundane as a book falling to the ground can be startling.

If you have a puppy currently, starting to desensitize while they’re young could help prevent overwhelm later on. Training often involves gradually introducing a dog to different sounds in a positive, non-threatening way, reducing the likelihood of fear-based responses to everyday noises as they grow older.

Canine Stress and Hyperactivity

If your dog has excess energy, it could be from a combination of factors, including insufficient mental stimulation, a lack of regular physical exercise, or boredom–all of which can affect canine well-being. For example, a dog who is confined indoors for prolonged periods without access to interactive or engaging activities could be cooping up more energy than they can handle.

Think about how you feel when you’ve been cooped up in the house too long. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly get a bit stir crazy with a side of cabin fever. You can only handle not expelling energy for so long before you feel like you’re ready to explode. You may begin to become angry or upset and begin looking for things to do that aren’t part of your normal behavior.

Implementing Natural Remedies

Fortunately, there are a handful of natural remedies that you can try if your pup is having a rough time including aromatherapy, full-spectrum hemp extract, play time, and additional training exercises. Managing pet stress naturally can also put your mind at ease knowing that you’re getting to the root of the problem rather than just slapping a band-aid on it. Natural pet products (that are high-quality) aim to help promote balance within the body to get it back on track to complete wellness.

How To Calm a Dog Down With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, particularly with scents like lavender or chamomile, is renowned for its calming influence. An illustrative example of this is the practice of diffusing lavender oil throughout the home, transforming an ordinary space into a tranquil sanctuary for your dog. The soothing aroma helps maintain normal nervous system function, helping reduce the effects of normal environmental stress, helping your dog get back to their normal behaviors.

Give Your Dog a Calm Space To Promote Stress Relief

Beyond scents, creating a designated safe space for your dog to retreat to when they’re upset could offer your pet relief. This could be a comfortably padded crate or a special corner furnished with their favorite toys and bedding. For some dogs, this could even be a certain room of the house. This offers not only physical comfort but also emotional security, promoting a sense of relaxation and mental alertness.

How to Calm a Dog Down with Play and Training Help

Managing a hyperactive dog goes beyond just tiring them out physically; it requires a strategic approach to both their training and their environment. Integrating structured play sessions that utilize interactive toys like snuffle mats or agility courses can channel a dog’s energy into constructive activities, promoting their innate curiosity and drive for play. These activities not only exhaust their physical energy but also engage their minds, which may reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation.

The environment where your dog spends most of their time can significantly influence their behavior. By enriching their surroundings with puzzle toys or food-dispensing gadgets, dogs are encouraged to think and solve problems, which can effectively reduce instances of undesired behaviors by keeping their minds occupied.

On the training front, teaching a dog impulse control through common obedience commands like “stay” or “wait” and rewarding calm behavior can be good for behavioral problem management. Obedience training, when done consistently, may help a hyperactive dog learn to help manage normal stress. Training sessions can also help maintain contentment during separation stress in dogs, travel, motion sickness, and tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine, as they sense the structure of their day.

Using Dog-Friendly CBD Products to Promote Calm Behavior

Earth Buddy’s best CBD oil for dog anxiety comes in different sizes of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, & fast-acting CBD for dogs

Unlike CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD for dogs contains a wide range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, and CBN, along with terpenes and other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. This combination of ingredients is thought to work together in what is known as the “entourage effect,” enhancing the effects of the extract. Pet-friendly CBD solutions including full-spectrum hemp extract, in particular, have been observed to promote healthy inflammatory pathways, which may help dogs with occasional discomfort.

The interaction of cannabinoids from pet CBD with the dog’s endocannabinoid system—a complex network of receptors throughout the body—plays a crucial role in promoting homeostasis. By supplementing with CBD oil for dogs, pet parents may notice an improvement in their dog’s ability to remain calm.

How to Calm a Dog Down Using Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Incorporating full-spectrum hemp extract into your dog’s daily routine can be a strategic move to support their overall well-being, including addressing the correlation between CBD oil and canine stress. It’s important to note, before beginning any new supplement, including full spectrum hemp extract, give your holistic vet a ring to make sure it’s a good idea to add this to their routine. Ask them about CBD benefits for dogs, your dog’s current health status, and if you should add any other supplements to your pup’s current regimen.

This step is crucial not only to ensure it’s a safe option for your pet but also to receive guidance on the appropriate dosage based on your dog’s specific health profile and needs. Unlike traditional medications, where dosages are often rigid, the flexibility in dosing CBD allows for adjustments to find just the right amount that provides beneficial effects

CBD Calming Dog Treats as a Tasty, Helpful Snack

Earth Buddy’s grain free cbd treats for dog anxiety to calm dogs during fireworks and thunderstorms in the summertime.

If you’re searching for CBD oil for pet wellness, but your dog isn’t the biggest fan of the tincture, take a look at which treats are available containing CBD for natural solutions to dog stress. CBD oil’s calming effects often take longer to work with CBD pet treats since they have to go through the digestive process, but they can still provide the compounds from cannabis to your dog’s body.

Products like Earth Buddy’s Hemp Hearts & Soft Chews provide full-spectrum CBD to dogs which may offer help keeping your pet calm and relaxed by supporting normal emotional balance. These products could also provide help for restless animals, especially for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding to environmentally-induced stress.

Start Low with Pet Supplements

When starting your dog on full-spectrum hemp extract, start low and go slow while observing their reactions over several days. This slow introduction helps acclimate your dog to the supplement and allows you to monitor for any changes in behavior or health, adjusting the dosage as needed. Note the CBD oil’s benefits (or the treat’s benefits) over these days so you’re able to visualize the adjustment.

Selecting a high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract product is equally important; look for products explicitly designed for dogs that are made by reputable manufacturers with third-party lab results. These products should offer clear labeling regarding the components found in the cannabis plant, along with anything else that may have crept through.

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