10 Things You Need to Throw a Fun Dog Birthday Party

February 21, 2024

Written By: Earth Buddy Team

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Planning a dog birthday party might seem daunting at first, but it’s an opportunity to get creative and enjoy some quality time with your furry friend and their companions. We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring it’s both fun and memorable for everyone involved. Each step, from the initial planning to the day the party ends, gives new meaning to a fun event, transforming what might appear as a task into an enjoyable journey of celebration.

1. A Venue For Your Dog Birthday Party

Most pet parents tend to throw their dog’s birthday party at home, but there are plenty of spaces you can hold it instead. Just make sure there’s enough space for the number of dogs (and people), especially if you’re having a big party, you’re inviting and that it’s a secure area where your guests can feel comfortable bringing their pups.

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A local dog park, for example, could be a good option. And some dog park owners will even allow pet parents to rent out the space if it’s requested ahead of time. You can even ask the location if it would be okay to set up a small agility course if you’re sure to clean the course when the party ends.

A dog beach could be tons of fun, but keep in mind that not all dogs will be able to go to this one. Most dog beaches don’t have any type of fencing or security and some pet parents may be too afraid their dog will run off, or sometimes even that they’ll be stuck on the leash the whole time because making a splash just isn’t in their wheelhouse.

2. Don’t Forget To Invite the Canine Guests

You can’t have a birthday bash for your dog’s special day without inviting their doggie guests. So, once you figure out where you’re holding your dog’s birthday party, begin crafting your creative invitations for the birthday dog. Invites should not only be visually appealing, but should set the tone for the event, whether it’s playful, fancy, or has a dedicated theme.

You may also want to mention not to bring dog birthday presents, unless you want to go all out on the party. Many of your guests may not know if dog birthdays generally have gifts or not.

Digital Versus Snail Mail For Your Puppy Party

These days, you can send out invites digitally either through social media or email, offering a convenient, quick, and eco-friendly way to invite guests.

If you’re more of an “invitation via snail mail” kind of pet parent, that’s okay, too. Plus, there is an added bonus to this kind of invite–it can be saved as a keepsake by those who love the birthday dog.

Send Puppy Party Invitations Out Early

Make sure you send the invitations out early enough and don’t forget to include the essential details including where it is, if guests need to RSVP, the date and time of the birthday party, and any special instructions for those who would like to attend. This could include things like vaccine requirements, behavioral aspects, or leash-policies. This will help ensure all guests are on the same page.

3. Make Your Own Dog Party Photo Booth

Small, white dog in a princess costume posing for a photo shoot. CBD for senior dogs helps with pain & joint stiffness.

If you’ve been to any children’s birthday parties lately, you may have noticed that tons of parents are now including photo booths to the get-togethers. You can do the same for your pup. Not only is it a great way to entertain dogs and their humans, but it also captures silly moments and cherished memories.

If you’re crafty, a DIY photo booth could be perfect. I’m not overly good at doing anything crafty, but if you are, this can save a lot of money and add unique flair to your dog’s special day. Even something as simple as a color scheme would work. If you want to go all out, decorate the photo booth’s backdrop with your specific theme.

Consider a Pet Photographer

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, consider hiring a pet photographer to capture all the fun moments. You can even grab little birthday hats for dogs to have photos taken with if they’ll leave it on for a few minutes. If they don’t like the party hats idea, you can try out a party collar or a birthday outfit to celebrate.

4. Create a List of Games for Dog Birthday Parties

Making a list of games to get some mental and physical exercise in at dog parties could be fun for all guests, whether they have hands or paws. Here are some easy ideas to get you started:

White & brown pomeranian standing on hind legs at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Learn how to throw a dog birthday here

  • Trick contest: This could be an entertaining way for your canine guests to show off their skills.
  • Doggy drawing: Grab a stack of paper, some crayons, and colored pencils, and ask everyone who came to draw one of the party pups. They don’t have to be a world-class artist for this. It’s actually a bit more silly if their drawing looks nothing like the actual dog. Whether it’s artist-worthy or not, it can be a fun keepsake.

5. Dog Birthday Cake with Decorations

No birthday party is complete without a cake! Bake or buy a cake made specifically for dogs, using safe and healthy ingredients. Do a search for a dog bakery in your vicinity if you’re not feeling up to making the dog birthday cake yourself (or you don’t have time).

Never grab a human birthday cake for your pup. Even though they would probably think it’s delicious, there’s too many calories, and worse, too much sugar. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a birthday cake at all. You can grab one for your human guests, but make sure it’s out of all dogs’ reach. The same goes for ice cream… doggos shouldn’t have any dairy!

6. Tasty Treats for the Birthday Boy (or Girl!)

In addition to the centerpiece cake designed especially for dogs, offering a selection of dog friendly treats is essential for a well-rounded birthday celebration. This assortment allows you to cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring every canine guest finds something they enjoy.

Black & white corgi biting into an Earth Buddy Hemp Heart containing the best cbd for dogs to calm anxious dogs.

When selecting treats, it’s important to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies the attending dogs might have. This thoughtful approach ensures that all treats are safe and enjoyable for every guest.

Make a Treat Station With Decorations

To make the treat selection process interactive and fun, consider setting up a dedicated treat station at the party with decorations resembling your theme. This station can be creatively arranged with clear labels for each type of treat, highlighting ingredients to help owners make informed choices for their pets.

You could organize the treats by category—like grain-free, low-fat, or made for sensitive stomachs—to simplify the selection process. You can also put up a “dog friendly” sign so dog owners can tell dog friendly treats from their own. Some of those dog cookies look pretty delicious.

7. Dog Toys for Dog Birthday Parties

Have you ever tuned in to the Puppy Bowl? If you have, you’ve likely noticed the sheer abundance of dog toys scattered across the play field like decorations, turning it into a canine paradise of sorts. The field is virtually carpeted with toys of all shapes, sizes, and textures, creating toy heaven for all the pups involved.

Don’t Break the Bank But Grab a Variety

While such an extravagant display of toys might be over the top for a personal dog birthday party, the general idea could make your party that much more fun. Investing in a bag full of toys doesn’t have to break the bank; many pet stores offer budget-friendly options that are still plenty engaging for dogs.

Black border collie jumping with owner to catch a frisbee. Read this blog to learn fun ways to celebrate dog birthdays.

The key is variety—squeaky toys, tennis balls, rope toys, and even some interactive toys that can dispense treats or engage your four legged guests in problem-solving activities can provide endless entertainment.

Scatter the Toys Around the Puppy Party

Scattering these toys around the party area invites exploration and play, catering to dogs of all interests and energy levels. Some might gravitate towards the challenge of a puzzle toy, while other dogs might prefer the simple joy of a chew toy or the thrill of chasing after a ball.

This approach not only keeps the dogs busy and happy but also stimulates their minds and bodies, making for a more enjoyable and fulfilling party experience.

Encourage Socialization Among the Dogs

Introducing new toys can also encourage socialization among your canine guests. They might share toys or engage in playful tug-of-war, promoting a sense of camaraderie and making the party a social event to remember. For the pet parents, watching their dogs interact and play can be a source of joy and a great opportunity to bond with other like-minded individuals, too.

8. Party Favors for the Big Day

White & brown aussie shepherd biting into an Earth Buddy Hemp Heart with organic cbd for dogs with separation anxiety.

Party favors for the big day can be a mix of fun toys and tasty treats, thoughtfully selected to ensure the dogs continue to enjoy the party spirit even after they’ve returned home. Including a variety of toys, like chew toys to support healthy teeth and gums, squeaky toys to promote auditory stimulation, and soft plushies for pups to run around with, caters to different preferences and play styles, ensuring every dog finds something enjoyable.

Beyond the immediate joy of toys and tasty snacks, incorporating goodies that promote long-term health and wellness adds a meaningful touch to your party favors. Here are a couple we recommend:

Supplements to Add to Dog Food

Adding gut health supplements, such as probiotics designed for dogs, can support digestive health, enhancing nutrient absorption and overall gut function. The colostrum in Earth Buddy’s Gut Health product consists of something known in the scientific community as immunoglobulins (IgG). These antibodies promote homeostasis and help keep animals in peak condition.

Earth Buddy Gut Health for dogs is a great supplement to add to dog food that can improve dog gut health & digestion.

Best Calming Chews for Dogs – Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, offer another layer to help maintain a relaxed disposition and calm dogs, including providing nutritional support for healthy coats and are easily digestible. These thoughtful inclusions show their owners that you care not just for their pets’ immediate happiness but also for their long-term well-being.

Plus, giving each doggo a bag full of goodies is a nice way to thank them, and their pet parents, for coming to the party. This gesture of appreciation for their attendance will surely be appreciated by both the dogs and their owners, leaving a lasting impression of a well-thought-out and caring event.

Black labrador sitting in the snow behind Earth Buddy’s organic CBD dog treats for joint pain and separation anxiety.

9. Poop Bags for the Dog Owners

This one is super important! Our dogs really don’t care about this one but I’m sure you do. With so many dogs wandering around, there’s sure to be some landmines around that need to be cleaned up. Or if you’re at the dog park or dog beach, even if there isn’t a “clean up” sign, it’s common courtesy to pick it up so no one steps in later on.

10. Calming Aids for Dog Birthday Parties

Sometimes, even though a party for your dog sounds great to you, it can get a little overwhelming for your dog. This is especially true if this is the first time they’ve ever been around this many people and pups–or if you’re throwing a puppy birthday party for young dogs.

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Earth Buddy offers full-spectrum hemp extract that can be helpful for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding to environmentally-induced stress. There are also dog calming chews, also known as CBD chews for dogs, that could help support emotional disposition available at Earth Buddy. It’s a great idea to keep this on-hand at all times, but especially if you’re hosting or going to a social event with your pooch.

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