Earth Buddy organic mushroom tincture and mushroom powder for dogs and cats.

New Functional Mushrooms for Dogs & Cats!

  • New Products come in Mushroom Tincture & Mushroom Powder varieties
  • Support your Cat or Dog's Itchy Skin, Allergies, Digestive Health, and Immune Function
  • All Functional Mushroom Supplements are Sourced & Grown in the USA in a USDA Organic facility
New CBD calming dog treats with Beef & Pumpkin and Duck & Apple flavors

Try Our New CBD Calming Chews for Dogs!

  • Limited Ingredient, Meat-First CBD Soft Chews for Dogs
  • Small Batch, Grain-Free with Regionally Sourced Ingredients
  • Great for Calming Dogs during Fireworks, Thunderstorms, Car Rides, and more
  • Sensitive Tummy Approved
  • Soft & Chewy!
earth buddy hemp farm with dog walking

From our farm to your fur baby.

Organic CBD Oil for Pets

Made with love in our kitchen.

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Our Reviews


All I can say is that tis product works very well in caming my 2 year old Maltipoo during fireworks and storms. I’ve recommended this product to family and friends who have stressed dogs and would highly recommend to anyone else who asks.


I use this product combined with the 500mg for my 16 year old boxer mix who has some neurological problems. He is sometimes unsteady on his feet and the improvement with these drops has been life-changing. I was buying them through somebody else but they were regularly out of stock so I am very grateful for Earth Buddy because if he doesn’t get his CBD even one time I notice a difference in his balance.

Shari Fleming

Hi Earth Buddy, I started using your CBD oil (1000mg) for my lab in February. As far as I’m concerned, it saved her life as she was getting so bad, I was considering putting her down, something I DID NOT want to do. Fast forward to July, she is still on the CBD oil along with rimadyl and is doing fairly well, at least for her age. She will be 16 in February, is a lab and had weakened immune function over 6 years ago! Any time I called Earth Buddy with questions or advice, I was greater with personal and caring service. I would highly recommend this product for any pet who needs help with discomfort and mobility and, therefore, quality of life!

Janet Griffen

A very good friend of mine let me try some of her focus and immune vitamins on my 14-year-old German Shepherd dog… and in just a few days, you could tell a difference, she was not stiff anymore, and her appetite had increased. Now that she’s been on it for a full month, she’s acting like a young dog again I could not be happier… Thank you so much.


I was very skeptical about giving my 19 yo Dachshund CBD for his separation anxiety, but after thorough research about the product to learn what was safe for my furbaby, I then started comparing products on the market. After some time I came across Earth Buddy and was pleased with their humble presentation, thorough processing explanation and ingredients. That sold me to try it and ended up being the best decision for a high quality product that my dog loves, better yet, it actually helps calm him in the evenings and he stays sleeping if we have to leave for a few hours. I’ll be purchasing again and I’ve already shared their info with dog owner friends who were impressed. Try it, you won’t regret it. Our furbabies deserve only the best!

Angela Raby

This supplement is doing a great job at helping my dog with sludge in her gallbladder to keep blood levels stable. Also have started a couple of my older dogs on it and they are doing well. Thank you!

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