Skin & Coat Support Pack for Dogs & Cats

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The benefits of coconut oil for dogs and cats are both topical and ingestion. This bundle of paw balm for dogs & cats and our 250mg CBD, is a comprehensive way to support itchy dog skin or itchy skin on cats. Both products are limited ingredient, safe to use topically and ingest, and both have organic coconut oil as the primary ingredient. Coconut oil along with CBD and our other organic butters and oils, can be great for cat & dog hot spots.

Skin & Coat Support Pack includes:

For Cats & Dogs suffering from:

  • Irritated skin, paws, dry noses, and coat.
  • Consistent scratching or licking.


  • Both products can used daily.
  • Apply Paw & Skin Balm topically to irritated areas.
  • Add Hemp Extract to food and/or direct orally.


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Hemp Extract 250mg-15ml:

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