Agarikon Mushrooms for Pets

Agarikon BenefitsFunctional mushrooms like agarikon benefits pets with allergies.

Agarikon mushroom (Fomitopsis officinalis), also known as the “elixir of long life,” is probably one of the oldest and longest-living mushrooms on the planet. These functional mushrooms are native to the old growth forests of North America and Europe. Agarikon mushrooms are shaped like beehives and usually hang from the branches or trunks of old, tall trees. They can live up to 75 years and have the ability to defend against the same microbes that harm mammals.

Agarikon mushroom’s ability to defend against pathogens is gaining interest from medical community and holistic practitioners, alike. Used for centuries by many cultures to support overall health, the ancient greeks gave it the nickname elixirium ad longam vitam, meaning “elixir of long life”. Historically, it is one of the earliest recorded herbal remedies used to support respiratory function and digestive health. It has a bitter taste and texture, so it is often consumed and preferred as an herbal tea or supplement powder.

Agarikon health benefits are wide ranging, covering ailments such as immune function to lung health. It contains a full spectrum of bio active compounds such as agaric acid, beta glucans, triterpenoids, fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. For many of the same reasons, Agarikon mushroom’s ability to fend off pathogens in the wild for many years, can also be an amazing natural remedy for dogs and cats.

Agarikon Mushroom Supplements: What does the research say?

Read more about Agarikon health benefits. Earth Buddy functional mushroom powder on a log.

Although this medicinal mushroom is not as widely used as much as popular mushrooms like turkey tail mushrooms,  agarikon mushroom health benefits have a rich history of medicinal purpose with indigenous populations. Often used as a tonic or tea historically for respiratory ailments, most agarikon mushroom supplements on the market today are now derived from the mycelium. Agarikon supplements can be in the form of a powder that is freeze or spray-dried, or in the case of Earth Buddy we use a triple-extracted form that concentrates the beneficial compounds to help promote a healthy immune response.

A recent study looked at the immune-activating benefits of Agarikon mushrooms and found that it increased the survival rate of subjects with weakened immune systems. As standards of pet food that are formulated with low quality ingredients increase and obesity in pets continues to rise in the US, botanical supplements like agarikon mushroom extracts can be a great addition to your pets daily diet. As the trend of pets becoming ill and experiencing compromised immune-systems from a variety of sources like environment, diet, and lifestyle it is important to educate ourselves as responsible pet owners on alternative options.

Why Earth Buddy chose to use Agarikon Mushrooms?

When we set out to help our own pets with various age-related illnesses, we studied a vast array of popular mushroom supplements that all have mountains of data to support them. However, agarikon mushrooms stood out among many for the simple fact that it had additional benefits around respiratory and lung function. Veterinary hospitals all over the country are faced with having to prescribe controversial allergy medications to help pets suffering during spring and fall every year. We also witnessed countless pets on these medications suffer extreme and undesired side-effects that most time outweighed their benefits to allergies. With this in mind, we added agarikon in all of our medicinal mushroom blends to support healthy lung and respiratory function in our pets. By using a triple-extracted form sourced from a USDA Organic facility, it is no wonder our mushroom supplements have proven to be a safe and effective option for pets with seasonal or environmental allergies. Earth Buddy functional mushroom supplements with agarikon mushrooms for a healthy immune response.

Health Benefits of Agarikon Mushrooms:

  • Supports body’s natural immune response
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response to daily exercise
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Strengthens the GI tract
  • Promotes health respiratory and lung function
  • Supports environmental stress associated with older pets

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