15 of the Best Holiday Gifts for Pets (and their Owners!)

December 13, 2022

Written By: Earth Buddy Team

Australian shepard dog biting into an Earth Buddy cbd treats for dogs anxiety. Read this blog to learn about the best gifts for pet holidays.

Here we are, the holidays amongst us and the last minute shopping is underway! Hopefully while browsing for gifts this year, you’ve considered your friends’ and families’ furry friends, too! 

If not, we’ve got you covered with our lineup of 15 of the best holiday gifts for pets (and their owners, too)! From customizable socks (for the humans) with your actual pet’s face on them, to hearty health treats for your furry pals, these gifts should be sure to get you lots of licks this holiday season!

For the Pet Owners


You guessed it: these are customizable socks, with pictures of your actual dog or cat (or human if you want to go that route). Not only does every purchase help to save a pup, but all products from this company are made and shipped right from the US–Atlanta, GA. 

Choose sock colors, backgrounds, arrangements of up to 4 different uploaded faces of your furry friend and more!

PLUS! Try MERRY30 for 30% off sitewide for a limited time.


Embark Dog DNA Test

Who doesn’t want to know what breed their pup is!? Embark DNA Tests not only help provide pet owners with insight to breed-related health details, but knowing your pet’s breed mix sheds some light on behavioral traits, too. For example, find some chow in your breed? Perhaps your fur pal might be a bit more mouthy than another breed. 

In addition, knowing your pet’s breed can also help you provide the best life possible for your buddy, in the sense of even just the way you interact and which activities you use to play with your dog. 

Finally, if you have a rescue (and we hope you do!), it’s just downright fun to walk alongside other dogs and their people and play the guessing game of which breed is which! 


Custom Pet Portraits

If over 10,000 raving reviews don’t have your interest peaked, just head on over to West and Willow to check out their super cool semi-realistic, customizable portraits of pet(s). When we say semi-realistic, what we mean is: you upload photos of your pets, and real graphic designers will work with your actual photo and give it a sort of artsy feel. 

On top of that, you can choose from a few different frame types or order yours just as a print and jazz it up with your own frame to really make things pop. 

Each portrait can hold 1-3 pets, and names can be printed on the canvas, too!


For the Pets


Orvis Reflective Dog Leash

picture of reflective dog leash as recommended gifts for pet owners

Spoiler alert: we happen to be obsessed with our pets, hence a few safety-related holiday gifts for dog lovers and their buddies–one of which is this durable, reflective leash from the solid outdoor brand, Orvis. 

Not only does the leash come in all sorts of colors, but it also is a nice 6’ length: the sweet spot of dog-walking space, are we right?

To top it off, Orvis provides free embroidery on the leash for you, so you can personalize it with your pup’s name and your phone number in case it ever gets left behind somewhere. No more loner leashes left behind on trail posts…

QALO Dog ID Tags

picture of teal pet id tags as recommended gifts for pet owners.

Where to begin with our love story with this brand. QALO was one of the front-runners in the jingle-free dog tag category, manufacturing their tags out of the oh-so-silent silicone. But not only are such tags silent, they are beautiful, colorful, (some even glow in the dark!) and one of their many designs should surely boast your pup’s personality right off the bat.

Since, QALO has partnered with Pela to make equally attractive, yet compostable tags made from plants! Throw them right into your composter when you feel it’s time for a new design.

And as for our every-so-often safety plug, QALO has also partnered with Tile Bluetooth finding technology to offer QALO Traq tags. These tags are just as beautiful as the rest, and behold an additional feature of being able to find your dog on your phone app within certain ranges.

If you’re looking for gifts for dog lovers, or you are the dog lover yourself, one of the various QALO tags is surely the special gift to show how much you care.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness 

picture of black dog harness for recommended gifts for pet owners

Huckleberry Blue, Tumalo Teal, Campfire Orange are just three of the 10 gorgeous colors this Ruffwear dog harness comes in. We like to still sport a collar for personality and tag, but after sliding this harness on top for walks, it is hard to go back to using the ole’ leash-to-collar method.

These harnesses are also lightweight, seem to be quite comfortable on the pups, and are easy to take on and off. Did we emphasize that last one enough?

Throw in a reflective trim to boot, and we dog owners are safety-smitten under the mistletoe!

LED Light-up Collar

picture of led light up collar as recommended gift for pet owners

It’s possible this is the smartest thing we’ve ever purchased for our pets. Especially if you have a darker pet, this light up collar is a life-saver whether you’re camping, simply hanging in your backyard at night, or taking your dog on a walk at night. Not only does it help you keep an eye on your own dog, but it helps others driving or passing by to know you’re coming–and prevent both parties from getting spooked!

This thing is rechargeable and alternates between a number of colors, or you can have it in “disco” mode (our favorite) where it slowly transitions automatically between the available colors.

Maybe try out the “mini” size for your cat!


CBD for pets:

Earth Buddy Paw & Skin Balm picture of Earth Buddy CBD paw and skin balm as perfect gifts for pet owners

Those sweet little pads of your friend’s pet should not be all dry and cracked. Tends to happen to a lot of us in the dryer or colder times of year, doesn’t it? Well, for that we offer our very own Earth Buddy Paw & Skin Balm to the rescue. 

We are pretty serious about each and every ingredient and manufacturing process of all of our products, so this one is yet another loaded with the goods:

Made for dog and cat skin, paws and noses, our balm features 100% organic, non-gmo, vegan ingredients, Whole Plant Hemp Extract with a full-spectrum of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes to support healthy inflammatory response with irritated skin and paws, coconut oil for dry, itchy skin, mango butter to nourish dry or cracked skin & paws and beeswax to support chapped skin and bacterial issues.

Already packed the car with enough dog gifts? Snag our trial size as a stocking stuffer for the win!

Earth Buddy CBD Hemp Hearts Treats

picture of Earth Buddy Extra Strength Hemp Hearts as perfect gifts for pets

Give the gift of tasty calm. That’s right, these hemp heart CBD treats are baked in our oven (after the plants have been grown outside on our farm in Colorado) and mixed with delicious, natural ingredients such as those in our Blueberry flavor: MCT oil from coconuts, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, blueberry, molasses, oat flour and organic apple cider vinegar.

Each of our 3 flavors (Blueberry, Pumpkin and Extra Strength) features either 4-8mg of our whole plant hemp extract (CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes) per heart, which is great for supporting calming, healthy digestion and joint health.

The great news is we also offer this product in a trial size for great stocking stuffers for the whole paw family (just mind you: It’s the Extra Strength 8mg version). Contributing to the health of their pet is among the greatest of gifts for pet owners!


Dog Toys:

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

picture of outward hound hide a squirrel plush toy as recommended gift for pet owners

This one’s for all the little chewers out there. You know if you’ve got one–and maybe you know if your friend has one (depending on how quickly they clean up!). You know: the pets that love stuffed animals up until the point where they rip them to shreds and pull out all of the stuffing to decorate the house with. 

What’s left for the human? A mess and a feeling of wastefulness when it’s time to buy the next toy. So, we’ve played around with a couple of these hide-and-seek toys, and they’ve seemed to stay in tact–with the pup thinking that each little tinier stuffed animal is a win they’re pulling out of the bigger piece. 

So why not give it a try! Our link sends you to the XL size, but do change sizes based on your pup’s size: think of their snout and what they can actually fit into. 

ChuckIt! Balls

picture of Chuckit! balls for dogs as recommended gifts for pet owners

If you have or know any kind of retriever, just do it. Just buy these balls and you’ll be glad you did. They’re quite possibly indestructible (by animal forces, anyway). This gift is so good there really are no other words needed. Your dog owner friends (and their pups) will thank you later.

Sizes come in small, medium and large. 


Feeding Time:

 Stellaire Chern Snuffle Mat

picture of pet enrichment toy as recommended gift for pet owners

If you haven’t already, as a pet parent, it is time to give the ‘snuffle mat’ a go. We like this one as it claims use of upcycled materials, and ratings are high on Amazon. This mat has various areas your pet can engage with in different ways in order to find his or her treats. 

Not only is the slower pace of eating better for digestion, but the use of “nose work” required when engaging with a snuffle mat is certainly great training for any working animals (or at least stimulation for their brains).

Slow-feeding Dog Bowl

picture of slow feeder bowl as recommended gifts for pet owners


An ode to the slow feeding bowls is certainly in order. These bowls have been a brilliant invention meant to help slow down our rapid eaters, which not only benefits their digestion but also mimics our pets’ ancient work associated with food–as it certainly was not served in a bowl many moons ago. 

Give one a go and see how your or your friend’s pet engages with the twists and turns of the bowl in order to work out their food. 


Pet Hygiene:

Earthbath Shampoo

picture of earthbath oatmeal and aloe shampoo as recommended gifts for pet owners

For dogs and cats, this sudsy combination of oatmeal, aloe, vanilla and almond makes for an itchy and dry-skin relieving shampoo. With a non-toxic ingredient list of less than 15 items, this cleanser is the kind we’d recommend to our own family. 

Botanical extracts help neutralize any odors and most importantly, the gentle ingredients leave your pet feeling comfortable and relieved. Talk about one of the greater, functional gifts for pet owners!

TropiClean HypoAllergenic Pet Wipes

picture of tropiclean hypoallergenic pet wipes as recommended gifts for pet owners

One of the things we like most about these 99% naturally derived wipes is that they actually cover a lot of ground. With other wipes we have seen, we have noticed that we have needed to go through sometimes 3 just to wipe down a lab! With these wipes, one is just about all you need to cover a 75-pounder.

Well, there you have it: Earth Buddy’s round up of the top 15 gifts to send over to your fur-loving friends and family. We hope this guide puts you in prime #1 pet-sitter status and spreads the feeling of holiday cheer to those you love. Happy Holidays!

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