CBD Treats VS CBD Tinctures for Dogs

February 14, 2023

Written By: Earth Buddy Team


There’s a big demand for CBD products for dogs, and with that demand comes questions. One of the many is… what CBD products are better than others? Should you give your dog CBD treats or CBD tinctures? Both CBD oil tinctures and CBD treats contain cannabidiol and utilize the hemp plant. So, which one should you offer your dog?

The real answer is that each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Choosing the best CBD oils, and the best way to provide CBD oils can prove difficult at times. What it comes down to is your individual dog and how they react to each.

CBD Tincture for Dogs

Pet owner administering earth buddy cbg for dogs and cats for cellular support to an black with brown and white streaks, aussie shepard mix outside.
CBD tinctures are a type of CBD oil that comes in liquid form. They are often taken orally, but they may also be used topically as well. The most common delivery method is through the mouth using a dropper or pipette to squirt directly into your dog’s mouth.

A CBD tincture for dogs allows the body to absorb CBD quickly, which can be beneficial. A full spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis, whereas broad spectrum CBD oils do not contain any THC which can diminish the effectiveness of the entourage effect.

What is High-Quality CBD Oil?

To understand what high-quality CBD oil is, it’s helpful to know how a company’s CBD products are made and why it matters. When making high-quality CBD oil, it’s important that manufacturers use carefully sourced hemp plants that are grown without pesticides or herbicides. They should also extract the oil using CO2 techniques so as not to expose the product to additional chemical solvents, which can affect its quality and purity.

Ensuring you’re purchasing organic CBD oil is also recommended. Earth Buddy offers organic Hemp Extracts grown in Longmont, Colorado. Our Organic hemp is farmed without the use of harmful pesticides or other potentially toxic chemicals, and the full spectrum CBD oil extracted from the plant material is also organic.

The hemp at Earth Buddy is also single-origin which means the product is never sourced from a third party. If you’re searching for a high-quality CBD oil, these are factors you should look for.

CBD Treats for Dogs

For some dogs, providing CBD pet treats is easier than giving the tincture. Most dogs love treats and will happily consume one when offered.

black and white siberian husky biting into a delicious earth buddy hemp heart cbd dog treat.If your dog is a picky eater or just doesn’t enjoy the flavor of cbd oil, treats can come in handy.

You will have to check to see if the treats utilize broad spectrum CBD oil or full-spectrum CBD for their treats. Earth Buddy’s Extra Strength Hemp Hearts provide your dog with 8mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per hemp heart.

Earth Buddy’s hemp hearts also contain:

  • Turmeric with black pepper that helps maintain a normal inflammatory response
  • Organic apple cider vinegar to support gut health
  • Organic coconut oil that contains essential fatty acids for a healthy coat; organic coconut oil also assists in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients


CBD Tinctures vs CBD Treats

The method of administration will also be different with each product. CBD tinctures are a liquid, while CBD treats are just as they sound; crunchy, full-spectrum CBD oil-filled biscuits.

The main differences between a CBD tincture and CBD treats include:

  • CBD oil is a liquid, whereas treats are a solid
  • When provided as a tincture, hemp extract is quickly available to the body on an empty stomach
  • The cannabinoids in treats may be degraded by the high heating process larger manufacturers typically use


Pros and Cons

The pros of a CBD tincture include:

  • You’re able to measure the dosage with the dropper
  • Extract can be administered directly into the dog’s mouth or added to their food
  • Pet CBD oil often has higher levels of CBD and other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • You’re able to adjust the CBD dosage and use trial and error to determine the best amount for your individual dog
  • CBD Tinctures are usually more cost effective
  • You’re able to use the lowest effective dose

The cons of a CBD tincture include:

  • Your dog may not like the taste of the CBD tincture
  • Dog CBD oil isn’t as simple as giving a treat

The pros of CBD treats include:

  • They can be used as a reward during training
  • CBD treats are fast and easy to provide
  • There’s a fixed concentration of CBD in each individual treat

The cons of CBD treats include:

  • Depending on how they’re made, the compounds may not be effective due to high heating process
  • Some treats are made using CBD isolate; CBD isolate may not be as effective due to the lack of key compounds that contribute to the entourage effect
  • May contain lower quality ingredients that could cause digestive upset
  • Lots of CBD pet treats contain high amounts of sugar additives that are not species appropriate


Which to Choose

Since the CBD pet industry is continuously developing, it will only become more difficult to sort through all of the different pet CBD products as time goes on. You’ll also notice that many of these CBD pet products are not veterinarian-approved and may not be manufactured in the United States or Canada.

You can provide the exact dosage of CBD pet tinctures as needed; however, with CBD dog treats, you must wait for your furry best friend to take the CBD dog treat first and then digest it. However, the treats are worth the wait if you can’t get your dog to consume the tincture. Choose whichever works best for your dog and is convenient for your lifestyle.

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