8 Benefits of CBD Oil For Aging Dogs

May 17, 2024

Written By: Earth Buddy Team

Black labrador sitting with excitement about a hand holding Earth Buddy’s various organic CBD Oil for aging dogs.

As our beloved canine companions enter their senior years, their health and well-being may require more effort to maintain. One increasingly popular aid is CBD oil for aging dogs. This natural supplement has been recognized for its potential to positively impact the health of senior dogs which is why CBD Oil is often recommended for dogs seven years or older to support and maintain proper body functions and overall good quality of life.

Full spectrum extract includes not just CBD oil but also other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils found in the hemp plant. This combination is believed to work synergistically, enhancing the oil’s natural properties—a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.

1. Enhancing Mobility and Supporting Joint Health With Cannabidiol

Tan Great Dane sitting in grass behind bags of Earth Buddy oven-baked CBD Treats for dogs in blueberry & pumpkin flavors

Senior dogs may experience difficulty getting from place to place. Fortunately, full-spectrum CBD oil eases joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity. CBD oil has been shown to promote healthy inflammatory pathways and enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue in senior dogs through joint-reinforcing factors.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, full-spectrum CBD oil for Senior Dogs:

  • Helps relieve occasional joint stiffness
  • Supports collagen and proteoglycans
  • Enhances healthy joint fluid viscosity
  • Helps maintain cartilage and connective tissue
  • Enhances tissue pliability

2. Full-Spectrum CBD May Help Cope with External Stresses

CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in dogs, helping keep your pet calm and relaxed. This interaction helps maintain normal emotional balance, making CBD oil a valuable tool for helping reduce the effects of normal environmental stress in aging dogs.

Full-spectrum CBD oil also provides help for restless animals which could be beneficial for our senior pups who have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. CBD Oil has also been found to help with:

  • Helping maintain alertness
  • Supporting normal balanced behavior
  • Helps maintain contentment during separation, travel, motion sickness and tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine
  • Supporting normal recovery from stress

3. CBD Oil Promotes Cognitive Health in Senior Dogs

Many pet owners with a senior dog can see the beneficial effects of CBD Oil when given consistently on a daily basis.

Full-spectrum CBD has been shown to have a positive impact on canine cognition, leveraging its interaction with the dog’s endocannabinoid system to support various cognitive processes. One of the most significant benefits of full-spectrum CBD for senior dogs is its potential to promote neurogenesis.

This process involves the growth and development of new brain cells, which is crucial for helping support cognitive function, as well as normal nerve conduction and memory recall. Promoting neurogenesis can be particularly beneficial for aging dogs, as it enhances your pet’s brain function.

It’s also helpful to know full-spectrum CBD Oil for Senior Dogs:

  • Helps maintain normal central nervous system function
  • Promotes normal healthy brain activity
  • Supports normal oxygen utilization by the brain

MCT Used as a Carrier Oil

Some companies, like Earth Buddy, utilize MCT oil in their products to promote the absorption of the components in CBD oil. Ketones, produced when dogs metabolize fats instead of carbohydrates, helps support energy production at a cellular level for senior dogs, potentially helping support cognitive function.

Supplementing with medium-chain triglycerides, which increase ketone production, may offer significant benefits for the brain health of aging canines. As senior dogs can benefit from a boost in ketone levels, incorporating coconut oil, a rich source of these fatty acids, into their diet could promote your senior dog’s health. Fatty acids are vital to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints for dogs of all breeds.

4. Cannabidiol Provides Antioxidants and Supports Ocular Health for Senior Dogs

The various compounds in full-spectrum hemp extract, including CBD, provides antioxidant protection. Antioxidants help remove damaging free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can affect the body, including the eyes. By helping reduce oxidative stress, full-spectrum hemp extract helps maintain normal eye function and health.

While the potential for full-spectrum CBD Oil to specifically maintain and support normal visual function requires more direct research, the general health benefits provided by promoting normal inflammatory pathways, supporting normal brain function, and providing antioxidants suggest that it could play a supportive role in maintaining eye health.

5. Helping With Occasional Discomfort and Supporting Joint Health

CBD oil may help senior dogs by aiding with occasional stiffness and soreness in the body. Its ability to promote normal, healthy inflammatory pathways make it a good option for managing occasional discomfort, offering a natural alternative to traditional medications. Additional benefits that may promote and support the long-term health of senior dogs include:

  • Maintaining a normal inflammatory cytokine cascade
  • May help discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity
  • Offering the optimum blend to enhance the body’s normal repair of connective tissue and joints
  • Supporting animals with joint tenderness due to everyday activity

6. Caring For Your Senior Dog’s Paw Health Topically or In Their Daily Diet

As dogs age, their paws can suffer from increased wear and tear, along with decreased oil production, leading to occasional discomfort. Regular application of CBD-infused balms or creams, like Earth Buddy’s Paw & Skin Balm, directly to the paws can help promote normal inflammatory pathways and help maintain normal moisture content of skin. Whether applied topically as a balm or taken orally as a supplement, CBD offers multiple benefits to help manage the common paw issues faced by aging dogs.

7. Supporting Detoxification Processes for Overall Wellness

Detoxification is an important process for dogs of all ages and breeds, but for senior dogs whose bodies may not work as effectively as they once did, hemp extract may help by maintaining normal liver and kidney function.

  • Contains ingredients to support a healthy urinary tract
  • Supports healthy waste elimination
  • Helps maintain normal urine pH
  • Supports the body from exposure to heavy metal or environmental toxins
  • Supports metabolic functioning of the liver
  • Supports normal cleansing of the liver from impurities

8. Helping Maintain the General Health of All Ages and Breeds

Full-spectrum CBD Oil promotes homeostasis, or bringing balance to the body, affecting the body as a whole and helping promote peak health in all animals. This is particularly beneficial as it impacts the body holistically, supporting overall health and function. This can be especially important for animals as they age, aiding them in achieving peak health conditions.

Hemp extract provides nutrients necessary for the health of senior animals, enhancing their physical and mental well-being. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids found in full-spectrum hemp extract work together to support the health of aging pets. Through regular supplementation, dog owners can provide their aging companions with a natural, comprehensive support system that nurtures their overall health and well-being.

Look for Transparency Before Purchasing CBD Supplements

It’s important to choose high-quality CBD supplements for senior dogs to ensure they are receiving the safest and most effective dosage. When choosing a product that contains cannabinoids like CBD for senior dogs, thoroughly research both the company and their holistic care products. Reputable companies, like Earth Buddy, often have their products independently tested by third parties. This testing helps to confirm the ingredients listed on the label and the actual levels of CBD present, ensuring the product’s quality and consistency.

Once the testing has been completed, if the lab results aren’t published on the website, reputable companies that are transparent with their products shouldn’t mind customers asking for a copy. You can find Earth Buddy’s third-party lab results here.

Considering Hemp-Based Products

Large breed dogs, like rottweilers, can have beneficial effects of CBD Oil especially as they age with achy joint pain.

Some dogs prefer not to consume the full-spectrum CBD tincture. That doesn’t mean they can’t still reap the benefits of CBD. Consider taking a look at the hemp-based products available containing high-quality full spectrum CBD oil for aging dogs in an edible form. For example, Earth Buddy offers Hemp Hearts and Soft Chews, which are comparable to treats for your dog, containing dosages ranging from 4mg-10mg.

The main difference between the CBD tincture and CBD Chews for senior dogs, like an edible chew or hemp heart, involves the digestive process. The tincture is generally applied to your dog’s gums, whereas the hemp hearts or chews are ingested. When ingested, the CBD is digested to obtain the ingredients rather than being directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the gum’s capillaries. In other words, it may take longer and a little more CBD when it has to take a ride through the GI tract.

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