Does CBD Calm Pets — FAQs

November 12, 2022

cbd for pets

Common Questions About CBD’s
Calming Effects on Pets — Answered

Does CBD calm dogs?

CBD has been reported to calm pets. In one study of 75 pets, 92% of pet parents reported that Earth Buddy CBD products calmed daily stress levels in their dogs and cats.

How does CBD calm my dog?

Cannabidiol (CBD) calms pets by its interaction with an innate system in the animal’s body known as the ECS (Endogenous Cannabinoid System). CBD activates the ECS to bring the body to a place of balance or homeostasis. Because the ECS interacts with nearly every chemical function in the body, supplementation with CBD may improve or balance pets’ mood, improve pets’ cognition and healthy inflammatory responses.

Is CBD safe for pets?

CBD is safe for use in dogs and cats, however it is important to work with your veterinarian to decide on an appropriate dose and molecule blend relative to the size and condition of your pet. 

Some reports of pets using CBD have shown elevated liver values called alkaline phosphatase (ALP), however it is still unsure if this has any medical significance or lab accuracy.

What does CBD taste and smell like? / Does CBD taste good for pets?

CBD by itself tends to taste earthy and bitter. Many pet CBD manufacturers will add ingredients that cover the taste and smell, and make it quite appetizing to pets. 

We recommend looking for palatable ingredients that come directly from the whole food, such as blueberry, pumpkin, cinnamon, etc. as opposed to any artificial or refined ingredients.

In Earth Buddy Pet’s CBD Calming Study, 86% of participants agreed that their pet seemed to like the taste of Earth Buddy treats, which feature real blueberries, pumpkin, cinnamon and more.

Is CBD easy to give pets–especially if they’re already stressed?

CBD can be easy to give to pets–as it comes in many different forms. Certain brands make tinctures which can be dropped onto your dog’s favorite treat, powders which can be mixed into your cat’s dinner, CBD-specific treats, oral solution sprays and even topicals. 

95% of pet parents surveyed stated the Earth Buddy tincture was easy to give their pet.

Veterinarians and experts in the pet industry mention a phrase called “set and setting,” which refers to the importance of the environment and circumstance in which you give CBD to your pet. For example, your pet is likely to respond better to CBD given happily as a treat after belly rubs, or in his or her breakfast in the calm of morning, as opposed to when he or she is already panicking, or if you are all frantically rushing out of the door.

How long will CBD be effective in calming my pet?

Typical half-life studies have shown CBD active in the bloodstream for up to 12 hours; at Earth Buddy, in our products, we suggest around 8-10 hours. In any case, pets simply do not snap out of a calm state, and consistent usage will create a calmer demeanor and hopefully allow for less of a dose.

How often should I give CBD to my dog?

As referenced above, typical half-life studies have shown CBD active in the bloodstream for up to 12 hours; and pets do not simply snap out of a calm state once this time period is reached. 

In our Earth Buddy CBD Calming Study, while 92% of pet parents noticed a reduction of stress levels in their pets when administered our CBD products, 30% of pet parents saw a continued decrease in stress over a 21-day use at moderate to conservative dosage (1-3mg per 10lbs of your pet’s body weight). 

We emphasize this as a starting dose and if you feel it is too strong for your pet–for example if your pet is tired most of the day–reduce until you determine a dose that is well balanced for your pet. We have even found in some cases, some larger dogs may be more sensitive to pet CBD oils than smaller dogs; so start low and go slow, and it is recommended to work with your veterinarian on determining the proper dose for your pet’s needs.

It is also important to note that with botanical supplements, the purpose is to have a “minimal effective dose”–also known as “less is more.”

What dosage does my dog need to get calm?

When deciding on a dose for your pet, you must keep in mind that not all pet CBD oil is the same. Because Earth Buddy Pet’s CBD oil is full-spectrum–and with our knowledge of our product’s potency from third-party testing laboratories–we recommend starting with 1-3mg per 10lbs of your pet’s body weight (not 1mg per 2lbs of body weight like some others recommend).

Depending on your pet’s level of stress or discomfort, we typically suggest giving this dosage for the first few days with the option to increase or decrease on an as-needed basis. 

There is no “one size fits all” dosage for cats and dogs, so do not be afraid to start lower, and go slower on building up to a dose you and your veterinarian feel may be therapeutic. As mentioned in the previous question’s response: it is possible that one larger pet is more sensitive to CBD oil than one smaller pet, so it is important to slowly introduce and observe dosage.

The motto with dosing should be: start low and go slow!

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