Colostrum for Cats & Dogs

A happy dog with his mouth open and tongue out. Read this blog to learn how to fix bad breath in dogs with pet supplements and other changes.

How to Fix Bad Breath in Dogs

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February is Pet Dental Health Month, and it is begging that elephant-in-the-room sort of question: Why do our furry friends have stinky breath, and can we finally get to the bottom of it? For those researching the answers on how to fix bad breath in…

Gut Health for Dogs & Cats 101

Gut Health For Your Dog and Cat: 101

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Gut health for humans (think: probiotics, good and bad bacteria…) has become ‘trendy’ over the years. While most people understand that creating a diverse gut microbiome can improve digestion for humans, not many people know that the same goes for cat and dog gut health….